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F > FUJITSU  > FM-X   


The Fujitsu FM-X is one of the first MSX models to be released, and the only MSX computer ever made by Fujitsu. Indeed Fujitsu had another competing computer range which was quite successful, in the form of the FM-7, FM-8 and FM-77, and which were based on a Motorola 6809 processor. Thus Fujitsu didn't really insist in producing other MSX models.

The FM-X has only 16 KB of RAM, 1 cartridge port and no printer interface. It's a very minimal version of a MSX computer.

Hopefully by inserting the Fujitsu MB22451 cartridge in the 60-pin expansion slot, you get an additional 16KB RAM and a printer interface.

With the Fujitsu MB22450 expansion package, you could something crazy: connect the FM-X to the FM-7 so that each computer can benefit from each other features !! For example, the FM-X can thus use 32 KB RAM from the FM-7, or the optional FM sound chip, or the printer, or the RS-232C card, or use its keyboard or even use the FM-7 monitor to view/modify the content of the memory, etc. Crazy I told you!

In the opposite direction, the FM-7 could use the PSG channels of the FM-X, or its connected joysticks.

Although the FM-X has a standard Texas Instruments TMS9928ANL VDP, the RGB colors are different because an additional circuit reworks the palette to be the same as used on the Fujitsu FM-7. It's encoded in 3-bit RGB, reducing the palette from 16 colors to 8 colors.


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TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  December 1983
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Microsoft Extended Basic (MSX Basic V1.0)
KEYBOARD  Mechanical QWERTY keyboard (including 5 function keys, 4 arrow keys + CLS/HOM, DEL, INS, SELECT, ESC, GRAPH, CAPS LOCK, RAB, CTRL, STOP))
CPU  Zilog Z80A
SPEED  3.58 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR  Texas Instruments TMS9928ANL
RAM  16 KB
TEXT MODES  Mode 0 : 40 x 24
Mode 1 : 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES  Mode 2 : 256 x 192 with 16 colors (Hires mode)
Mode 3 : 64 x 48 with 16 colors (Multi colour mode)
32 sprites
COLORS  8/16
SOUND  General Instruments AY-3-8910 Programmable Sound Generator (3 channels, 8 octaves). Internal speaker.
SIZE / WEIGHT  380 x 245 x 80 mm (WxLxH) / 2.6 Kg
I/O PORTS  RF video output, RDGB video output, Audio out, Tape recorder, 2 x joystick connectors, 1 x cartridge slot, Expansion slot
PRICE  ¥49,800 (Japan, 1983)

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