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Tandy Radio Shack
1000 SX

The Tandy 1000 SX was similar to the Tandy 1000 (see this entry for more info about the Tandy 1000 series).

The difference with the original model 1000, is that the CPU (Intel 8088) can be set to two different speeds: 4.77 MHz and 7.16 MHz thus offering more speed than the original IBM PC on the same software. The SX also comes with more memory (384 KB) than the Tandy 1000 (128 KB).


Contributors: Derek McDonald (aka “Skel”)

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I still have mine. It came with two floppy drives.

Monday 23rd November 2020

The 1000SX was the first DOS computer I 1992, when I bought it used. It was underpowered compared to new machines on the market, but it still worked (though 16kb of the 640kb didn''t, down to 624).

With an external 20MB HDD, a 3.5" drive raided from a 1000HX (and an adapter) and a 14.4K modem, I was able to do my comp sci work and other from home. It was good enough for logging in to the college''s VAX via Kermit, later for using Lynx on the local Freenet. I wouldn''t be able to live with it today, but I''m glad I had it at the time.

Tuesday 17th September 2019
Bob Dog (Canada)

Why do you guys talk in past tense? Mine is still played by my kids. Mine is seriously upgraded and maxed out. I debate all the time on restoring the yellow case, but I''m afraid if I completely tear it down, it won''t turn back on when I put it back together. There are some awesome mods available to use SD cards out there so you don''t need the floppies anymore. I learned to program on this computer in 1990.

Thursday 27th July 2017
Brent Goeller (United States)


NAME  1000 SX
MANUFACTURER  Tandy Radio Shack
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  1986
KEYBOARD  Full stroke keyboard, 90 keys, 12 function keys, numeric keypad
CPU  Intel 8088
SPEED  4.77 MHz / 7.16 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR  Intel 8087 math. coprocessor available as an option
RAM  384 KB (up to 640 KB)
TEXT MODES  80 x 25 / 40 x 25
GRAPHIC MODES  CGA/TGA, 160 x 200, 320 x 200, 640 x 200
COLORS  16 foreground colours + 8 background colours
SOUND  3 voices + 1 sound channel
SIZE / WEIGHT  354 x 290 x 97 mm / 31 lbs
I/O PORTS  keyboard, 2 x joysticks, RGBI color monitor video output, composite video output, lightpen port, parallel port, serial port, 5 internal expansion slots, audio output (mono)
BUILT IN MEDIA  one or two 5.25'' floppy disk drives (360 KB)
OS  MS-DOS 3.22, DeskMate II and GW Microsoft Basic included with the system
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply
PERIPHERALS  memory expansions, internal modems, 20 MB hard disk, etc.
PRICE  $849 (USA, 1988)

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