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X > XEROX  > Sunrise 1800 / 1805   

Sunrise 1800 / 1805

The Xerox 1800 is a "portable" system presented at the Las-Vegas Comdex in november 1983. It was produced in small quantities.

It's a CP/M system with a small LCD screen of 3 line by 80 characters. It has a micro-tape recorder and a built-in modem (300/1200 baud). Several applications were sold with the system on digital tapes : Basic interpreter, electronic calendar, text utility & communication tool.

The Xerox 1850 is a Xerox 1800 with an additional 16-bit processor for MS/DOS compatibility. This bi-processor computer has 128k RAM and two floppy-drives (500 kb each). It cost 2495$.

A simplified model of the Xerox 1800, without the LCD screen, was also presented at the Comdex. It was called the Xerox 1805 and cost 1595$.

A disk-drive expansion box, called Xerox 1845, was available. It was connected through the Data Link connector at the back of the system.


David Lowy clarifies:
The Sunrise never made it to market. The limited inventory was sold off through liquidators. The expansion box (1850) added floppy drives and addition slots. The Sunrise included option ROM cartridges for additional applications, such as the included tutorial. The mini-tape drive could be used for data or voice applications. There was also a RCA jack allowing connection to a colour TV for 40 columns of text.

Thanks to Franck Salomon and the OldBits museum for the picture.

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NAME  Sunrise 1800 / 1805
TYPE  Professional Computer
YEAR  November 1983
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke keyboard with arrow and function keys
CPU  Z80
SPEED  4 Mhz
RAM  64 kb + 10 kb saved on battery
ROM  Unknown
TEXT MODES  3 x 80 (LCD screen)
COLORS  Monochrome LCD screen
SOUND  1 mono channel
I/O PORTS  2 phone sockets, Parallel connector, Data link (to disk-drives for example), RS232, Monitor output, RF video output
BUILT IN MEDIA  Micro-tape recorder built-in
OS  CP/M with Xerox 1845 disk-drive expansion
PERIPHERALS  Xerox 1845 disk-drive box
PRICE  $2195 (USA, november 83)

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