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S > SANCO  > TPC-8300   


The Sanco TPC-8300 was made in Japan by Alps, the company that also made the famous mini 4-colour plotter-printer one found connected to numerous home computers and professionnal devices.

Alps probably took part in the design of the Sharp PC-1500. The appearence of the TPC-8300 was thus close to the PC-1500's although all the features of the computer were laid down by the French Sanco company.

In spite of a 2-line display the computer had no success in French and European markets (some OEM versions vere sold in Germany), mainly because it was released about two years after the PC-1500. At that time, Sharp and Casio released better and smaller machines.

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NAME  TPC-8300
TYPE  Pocket
YEAR  June 1983
KEYBOARD  62 keys with 5 function keys, arrow keys and numeric keypad
CPU  8-bit CMOS NEC µPD 78C06
SPEED  Unknown
RAM  6 KB - 4.5 KB available for BASIC programs. Expandable to 14 KB
ROM  18 KB
TEXT MODES  2 lines x 24 characters
SOUND  Beeper
SIZE / WEIGHT  19.9 (W) x 9.6 (D) x 2.6 (H) cm / 410 g. with batteries
I/O PORTS  Expansion connector
POWER SUPPLY  4 x AA batteries / 6V AC adaptor
PERIPHERALS  TP83: Printer/cassette & Parallel interfaces expansion module
TCR80: 8 KB RAM expansion module
PRICE  Unknown

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