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A > AMSTRAD  > CPC 6128   

CPC 6128

The Amstrad CPC 6128 was the successor to the Amstrad CPC 664 which had a very short life. It had almost all the same features as the 664, except the memory. Like the 664, only 42 Kb could be accessed, the upper 64 Kb were used as a RAM disk or to store data. It was sold with quite a good quality monitor (monochrome green or color) and a built-in 3" floppy disk drive (2 x 180 KB).

It ran under Amsdos (the Amstrad Operating System) or under CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.0 (CP/M +). The CP/M 2.2 OS was bundled with DR Logo and CP/M+ with GSX (the graphic extension of CP/M). Like the CPC 664, the Amstrad CPC 6128 was almost fully compatible with the CPC 464.

The German version of the Amstrad (Schneider CPC 6128) had different "real" connectors instead of mainboard edge connectors. Norbert Unterberg reports that the main reason for this was that the original Amstrad did not pass the German "FCC" test because it was polluting its surroundings with electromagnetic waves, and the rules for that were much stricter in Germany. That's why the Schneider got real connectors and a metal housing inside.
However, after "Schneider Rundfunkwerke" stopped selling the Amstrad CPC series of home computers and the PCW series of word-processors, Amstrad continued to sell the CPC under the Amstrad brand name in Germany.

The ROM was identical for all brands of Amstrad: Schneider, Orion, Awa,...

Lots of Amstrad or third-party peripherals could be added, among them:
• 2nd 3"/3.5"/5.25" FD max 800k
• 20MB Hard disk, 4x5MB
• Max 252x16k EPROMS
• Max RAM Installed 640k (576k in use)
• RS-232 Interface, Modem
• 3 key Mouse, Light Pen
• Centronics Dot Matrix Printer
• "PC-Hormon" MSDOS emulator...

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For Sale: £90 Amstrad CPC6128 + Green screen monitor - working - games - utilities - joystick.
Disc drive not working - disc drive rotating but not reading discs - did work when tested several years ago.

Friday 21st June 2013
ebay sale

For Sale: £90 Amstrad CPC6128 + Green screen monitor - working - games - utilities - joystick.
Disc drive not working - disc drive rotating but not reading discs - did work when tested several years ago.

Friday 21st June 2013

My first computer with a disk drive! Awesome! Check out the wiki on all things CPC:

Thursday 4th October 2012
Chris (Australia)


NAME  CPC 6128
TYPE  Home Computer
ORIGIN  United Kingdom
YEAR  Summer 1985
KEYBOARD  All grey QWERTY / AZERTY mechanical keyboard
Numeric keypad with arrow keys
CPU  Zilog Z80
RAM  128 kb (2 banks of 64ko)
VRAM  16 kb
ROM  48 KB
TEXT MODES  20 x 25 with 16 colors
40 x 25 with 4 colors
80 x 25 with 2 colors
GRAPHIC MODES  160 x 200 with 16 colors
320 x 200 with 4 colors
640 x 200 with 2 colors
SOUND  3 channels, 7 octaves
+1 noise channel
I/O PORTS  Printer port
Expansion port
1 Joystick plug (Atari standard)
Floppy Disc Port
DIN plug for Amstrad monitor
Headphone / Sound stereo jack output
DIN plug for external tape recorder
BUILT IN MEDIA  3'' disk-drive built-in
POWER SUPPLY  Disk drive Power in (5v DC)
Computer power in (12v DC)
PRICE  Monochrome - 684 (Fall 85)
Color - 913 (Fall 85)

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