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C > COMX > COMX 35   


Very little is known about this obscure and rare computer.

It was desgined by a Netherlands based company called NOXON AB, and was manufactured in Hong Kong by COMX WORLD OPERATIONS LIMITED.

There is no graphic mode, but user definable characters can be used to simulate graphics. The sound features are poor as there is only one single channel beeper. You can hear it when pressing a key. The Basic is very simple, with not a lot of specific statements, since there is not much to play with...

The keyboard is said to be waterproof (can someone test that for us ?) and used goldplated contacts under the keys (if you've got one, you are rich :-)). There is a built-in joystick to the right of the keyboard (very easy to break), a bit like on the Spectravideo SV-318. And just above it, is the power Led.
A small thermal printer was available for the COMX 35.

The chosen CPU, the RCA CPD-1802, was also used in the RCA Studio 2 videogame system and a development/hobby systems using Chip-8, like the Cosmac RCA VIP. This 8-bit processor is still being manufactured in many forms, as it is radiation-resistant. It was also used as the heart of the Voyager, Viking and Galileo probes !

The COMX-35 did have a successor: the COMX-PC1. This was just a COMX-35 in a different housing and better keyboard. This PC1 was also sold as the Savla PC1 in India!

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COMX-35 was my first computer when i was in the airforce in 1983. If memory serves me correctly I paid $299 including a tape of "100 Free Games". These turned out to be a home made cassette of very basic "BASIC" games. I think I bought one commercial game COMX INvaders. I remember trying to justify my purchase at the time by boasting about the built in Joystick and the powerful interrupt driven command in the BASIC. Regrettably it was not well supported at the time and I sold it a couple months later for $200 which I put towards my C64. But thats another story!

Friday 30th December 2011
Joey Rivers (Australia)

The Club is going very well, a emulator is in the process of building and the website is finally done. Feel free to post your info, comment of suggestions to me. Address and numbers can be found on the contactpage.

Monday 21st May 2007
COMX CLUB Netherlands (The Netherlands, Nijmegen)
COMX Club Netherlands

it appeared in 1979, it was the 1st computer i saw, my teacher typed 10 print "the teach is crazy" ande explained that adding a semi colon caused the words to be printed along the line instead of on the nexxt line if you added 20 goto 10. i was hooked, 2 years l8r i convinced my father to buy a timex sinclkair 1000, the 1st day appeared in 1981 in holland

Friday 23rd February 2007
Qedqubit ((Netherlands))


TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  1983
KEYBOARD  Calculator type keyboard, 55 keys QWERTY
Carriage Return (CR), RT, ESC, SHIFT (x2), DEL
CPU  CDP 1802A
RAM  35 kb (up to 67 kb). 32 KB available for Basic programs
ROM  16 kb
TEXT MODES  40 columns x 24 lines. 64 upper case ASCII characters
GRAPHIC MODES  None, but 64 user programmable graphical characters
SOUND  1 channel synthesiser - 8 octaves, 16 volume steps and special effects
SIZE / WEIGHT  29 (W) x 16 (D) x 4.5 (H) cm
I/O PORTS  Tape, Monitor, 44-pin Bus expansion
POWER SUPPLY  9Vac 500 mA external power supply unit / center positive - -(o- +
PERIPHERALS  Printer, disk-drive
PRICE  Unknown

Software for this system!

1984 Junior

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