In our effort to preserve old-computers, and everything related to them, we are always looking for new systems (and seeing it in the museum doesn't mean we actually own one!). Every minute an old computer is thrown away somewhere in the world (sounds tragic, doesn't it ?!). Some are real museum pieces, and most deserve to at least be saved from destruction.

Thus, we are looking for people willing to give us old computers, video game systems, books, or anything related to computing in general from the 70's to the mid 90's. Of course, we will pay the shipping costs !

All systems received will be cleaned, studied and included in our database along with your name for acknowledging your donation.

We are based in France (yes, in Europe) but we will try to collect donations from around the world, as long as we can afford the shipping costs... If not, we will contact other museums or partners near you.

Our objective, as an addition to this web site, is to be able to open a real museum in the next few years.