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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Timex Computers TC-2048 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 25th October 2011
Rui (Portugal)

Hi everyone! This was my firt computer, bought in 84 for 20.000$ (100€) and it came with the game Kickstart. I still have it and it works like a charm. I also have the sinclair joystic interface as this computer only works with kempston joysticks by default. I had the termic printer but i really don''t know where i left it. That''s it!

Monday 21st June 2010
Speccy - Jogos da minha infância

I had one of those. I''m now looking for a working one, so I''ll have one soon - I got a broken one which has been given to me, but I got sorely disappointed when it didn''t work (turns on, but only gives out blinking squares).
Great machine - my childhood''s toy of choice.

Saturday 17th September 2005
Alan Petrik (Czech Republic)

I've had this great computer since 1986, when my father bought it from "Baltona" store in Poland (it was very popular ZX colne in Poland, but almost not known in CZ/SK) for the prize of 145 USD. Some games don't work because of different mapping of keyboard ports. Also some third party add-ons cause problems, because TC2048's bus connector is not 100% compatible with original Spectrum's one (there is no 5V output on Timex's bus port). Especially disk interfaces made in CZ/SK. We've been using Opus Discovery 1, which worked perfectly. Anyway, my father bought another TC2048 in 1988 for me so we had two Timexes at home. The older one had no sign "TC 2048" in the upper right corner of the keyboard and the tape EAR/MIC sockets were made from plastic, while the newer version had the sign I mentioned and the jack sockets were metallic. I sold both in early 90's but I got one again from Poland this year because I want to have my very first computer :)

Monday 5th April 2004
Nuno Anjos (Portugal)

well the price was allways droping. I got mine by cristmas of 85 and it cost about 20.000 escudos (100 euros), witch at that time was a thirth of many people monthly income, the only problem with mine was it send very strong signals to the TV and it wrekc the frequency modulator,
after that i bougt a black a orange monitor for it.

Thursday 25th September 2003
Alejandro Cifuentes (Santiago, Chile)

There is a NTSC version of this computer.. I have one, and I'll take some pictures.

Friday 19th September 2003
Pedro Glória (Portugal)

I'm Portuguese and I've had a Timex.
The information I have is this: when I bought my TC 2048, new at the time, it costed 150/200?. Just after I bought mine the TC 2068 came out with the revolutionary Emulator that was able to run about 10 games in some seconds, it was fantastic compared with the tape recorder we had to run for some 5/10 min., or more, to have a game runing with some luck in the 2048.

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