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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Tatung  EINSTEIN TC-01 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 25th March 2021

WOW ! This forum takes me back a few years!! After a ZX*),etc finally purchased my favourite ever - the Einstein. Can''t remember the year but it must have been an early one aasI always looked for improved models from my existing one at the time. I had a business in those days in a small North Wales town and I always hoped to have a unit which would enable me to keep track fo my sales, VAT etc. The Einstein was a godsend ! In fact I had two models - one I kept at home to do my accounts on a Saturday afternoon, and the other in the shop. I found Xtal Basic a very easy programming language and wrote several programmes ( kept me up until two in the morning ! ). The main one was to enable me to keep track of sales in the different categories for stock control purposes. I purchased a program the calculated my VAT liability and printed out a program for the Revenue at the end of the month, This was a fantastic benefit for me ! Another valuable program which I enjoyed writing was to do with a further activity of mine - I was a swimming coach. The club in which I was a member ran competitive Galas with other clubs. Keeping track of yhe results was very primitive ( by hand calculator) and by the time the final result was known most of the spectators had gone home ! So I set to and penned a prog. the kept a running total of each swimmers results in four different lanes in real time, The final results were known and printed out in less than 20 seconds ! Another program forecast lottery winning numbers - never won more than £10 !! and so the list goes on. Happy computing - VERY HAPPY ! and sincere thank for a wonderful computer,

Wednesday 6th January 2021
mike westwood (weston super mare)

i have a fully boxed (original) einstien with discs and manuals is it worth anything or will anyone want it

Sunday 10th November 2019
vanpeebles (United Kingdom)
Tatung Forum

A new forum has been setup for the Tatung 256 and Einstein, please pop by and say hello! :)


Sunday 3rd November 2019
Chris Coxall (UK)
Tatung Computer Web Site

Web Site Has Moved to
Discussion Group For The Tatung Einstein
Now at
Under new management

Friday 6th September 2019
Mike''s Retro Tech (Rochdale/UK)
Mike''s Retro Tech

Hi all,

Who wants to share their Einstein Serial Numbers?

I am compiling a list of all known Einsteins still kicking around, just to see how many were actually sold back in the day.

I will be doing a sort of ''History of'' on my YouTube channel, when I get enough info together.

My machine is a lowish S/N with Gotek drive and a real floppy drive, connected to a 15khz VGA monitor, so the display is mega stable! :)

It also has an external sound socket so I can connect up to desktop speakers etc.

I use it every week for gaming or business apps.

Always on the look out for more Einstein hardware and software/mags etc. So, if anyone wants to offload their Einstein collection, give me a shout!



Saturday 6th April 2013
Roger (Ulster)
bmp2scr hmpr bit 5$6 clut mods per scan line$zsjTpFR0oYQ

please help
was there a zx spectrum emulator for the tatung einstein please - not just the basic...

Tuesday 14th August 2012
Rikard (Sweden)

Graham, please contact me :)

Saturday 30th June 2012
Graham (Stafford, UK)

I have one of the original development Einsteins from Bradford. It''s a black prototype case with some soldering iron marks and one of the first motherboards, a composite video output for TV and one floppy drive. There are two floppies, one with the OS and two manuals, one introduction book and one OS book. This is not getting used so I need to sell it. Please let me know if you''re interested.

Saturday 21st April 2012
adam (united kingdom)

Hi Is there any person out there who has a collection of tatung einsteins games / software availible. I do have a tatung 256 computer for sale if any person is interested. I also have a tm11 monitor if required. Please contact me on

Friday 6th April 2012
StaggerLee (Canada)

WTB - Elite for Tatung. In exchange I can offer any other version of the game.

Sunday 23rd October 2011
Abbie (United Kingdom)


I have a Einstein TC01 for sale, in original box with original user manuals, please emails for more information/offers

Sunday 23rd October 2011
Abbie (United Kingdom)


I have a Einstein TC01 for sale, in original box with original user manuals, please emails for more information/offers

Friday 19th August 2011
Barbara (West Yorkshire)

Hello, I have an Einstein TC01 for sale. We used to connect it to our TV. It has all the manuals with it also. Pease contact me on if interested

Tuesday 19th July 2011
JonB (Sussex) (UK)

I am looking for one of these machines right now, does anyone know where I can get one? There''s a bloke selling the Einstein 256 on eBay right now (July 2011) which is brand new, unopened, but it needs a special monitor to supply power. Without that it cannot be used.. So it''s a TC01 or nothing for me...

Tuesday 30th January 2007
Lyndon Fletcher (UK)

As I recall these were stocked by either Curry's or Dixon's stores. As part of their end of year sales in 1985 the last few were sold of for (IIRC) 75 pounds without the monitor.

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Matt Povey (

If anyone would like to own one of these things please drop me a line. I'd be happy to give it to a good home (must be a good home). I rescued it from a friend's house clearance a few years ago and it's been sat in my storage unit ever since.

I had a fit of throwing out old PCs last week but couldn't quite bring myself to dump this (I did thow out my Sparc 5 which I felt very guilty about but I reckon that there are more than a few of those knocking about).

I've no idea if it's working or not though there is no reason it shouldn't and I don't want any money for it. The only condition is that you be London based and flexible about when I get it to you as I'm not around a great deal.

Monday 21st February 2005
Stu M (UK)
Retro Squirrel

Someone gave me one of these beauties just before Christmas. It's boxed with colour monitor and two carrier bags full of software!!! Works a treat too. It's set up among my retro collection among my network of PCs, SGIs, VAXs, DECs and other various bits and bobs.

Sunday 6th June 2004
John (Warwickshire)

Wow, I loved the Einstein.
Wondering if anyone has any game .DSK images, i'm getting tired of playing Hangman!

Sunday 9th May 2004
Paul T (UK)

Get the M.E.S.S. (see prvious post) read this courtesy of that other site, follow the instructions (don't extract the zipped bios as I did) and it should work - now to choose a PC to connect this old drive of mine to and fire up Starquake...

Sunday 9th May 2004
Paul T (UK)

blew up my Einstein many years ago - still got the PSU and the disc drive and wiring diag! - and always thought about writing an emulator (too lazy to do it though) but I just found this link almost at the same time as I found this forum ( - seems it'll emulate a TC-01
footnote - just tried running it and it need the Rom/bios - bum!

Tuesday 27th January 2004
Carl Forsyth (England)

Does anyone have any pc emulators for any great old tc-01 games like 'Kings Valley', 'Bootman','Chuckie Egg'?
If anyone does then i'm shure many people who remember the tc-01 would very much like a copy including me!
If you do have any game emulator for the tc-01 please e-mail me a copy. It would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks.

Tuesday 30th September 2003
Shaun Smith (UK)

I have an Einstein with all the games mentioned on this site. Mine still works perfect, and so do the games. Lazy Jones was a favourite too, and Oh Mummy. There was bootman, fu kung in las vegas (with an impossible level 9) and gronks!! I've had this since i can remember. Email me for anything you wanna know or talk about.

Thursday 3rd April 2003
robbie ([uk])

the coolest thing in the world _ these babies rocked. does anyone remember kings valley[amazing - finding pick axes and jumping mummys], time bandit, comic bakery [racoons ??] and kung fu [I think]. i don't really remember any others.... silver mountain was a programable text adventure??? maybe? i can't remember. Chuckie egg of course, you are right mr wilson, pure class. and to see that blue boot up screen again [see screen pics] "press ctrl-BREAK to load", drowning me in memorys.... thankyou cool website, i think i'll go and cry about how simple life used to be when you were 7- what happened????????????????????????

Tuesday 4th March 2003
Knightcider (Ireland)

I have one of these old girls, the Monitor works fine but unfortunatly the machine only half works spmething to do with the processer or what ever that removable chip was does anybody have info on this chip and what it is? I wish toget mine runing againg because it was my first pc even though it was 7yrs old when I got it. Any help would be appreciated.

Saturday 12th October 2002
Chris Coxall (UK)
Tatung Einstein Computer Site

EinTrans.exe: Einstein-PC file and disk image transfer utility available for download " hppt:// "

Wednesday 20th March 2002
Chris Coxall (kent)
Einstein Site

This Tatung Einstein has some some software downloads. "". Also tech. info.

Wednesday 20th March 2002
Peter Finnigan (Lancashire, England)

Oh no. My mother just threw out 30 games! Our Einstein no longer works, and has long since been superceded, so it was thrown away. The Konami games collection was pure class, and games like jet set willy kept you entertained for hours.

Tuesday 12th March 2002
Trefor Jones (U.K.)


I have one of these in working order. Does anyone out there have any software?
Especially a system disk!

Tuesday 26th February 2002
Keith Wilson (UK)

These were wicked! My mate had one with Chuckie Egg on it and if you had the keys set up as P,L,Z,X and space for up, down, left and right, jump. It would teleport u to the next level if u held them all down at the same time!

Pure class!

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