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P > PANASONIC > Senior Partner


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Panasonic Senior Partner computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 25th May 2022
~Von (United States)

I friend was cleaning out his basement and passed along his RL-H7000W. It has 2 5 1/4 drives but no HD. Fired right up on DOS 2.11. I''d love to install a hard drive into this. Anyone know if that is possible? I found an ad for one of these and the 7100 model had a whopping 10MB HD in it..

Wednesday 29th September 2021
Diego Romero (Argentina)

Please ho can give me or if have a link to download a copy of the Boot Disk MS-DOS 2.0 for this computer , thank you!!

Tuesday 28th September 2021
Brian Tristam Williams (South Africa)

@Patrick DePalma are you sure you don''t know where the cable is? It''s not removable, but it tucks away in a hole next to the screen. The cap for the hole wraps around the cable so it doesn''t fall back into the recess, but if that snaps, you might find the cable is inside the machine. I, too, thought I had no cable and would have to make one up myself (connector on the keyboard is just a mini-DIN. But when I opened the receptacle, expecting to find a panel-mounted connector, I found the jack attached to a length of curly keyboard cable.

Wednesday 28th April 2021
Randon (United States)

Hey Jim M, I just made an image of a good Sr. Partner DOS 2.0B/Basic disk. u/grateparm on reddit

Friday 10th July 2020
Jim M (TN USA)

If anyone has the original disks for this system I''d love to get in contact with you and archive them for upload!

Thursday 13rd June 2019
Patrick DePalma  (United States)

I am looking for a cable to connect the keyboard to the computer on my Sr. Partner. I’m the original owner and it kills me that I can’t find the cable.

Any advice as to where to find one would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday 19th June 2018
Jerri Kohl (NEK VT US)
Pedal Powered Software

The description says this supported 640x200x4 colors, but the specs say 640x200x2 colors (CGA standard). I assume the later is the correct spec. What was the video standard and resolution for the built-in screen? Was it 640x200 or was it Hercules or something else?

Tuesday 13rd March 2018
Norris Lee grant (Pawley is. S. C. United States )

I have a Panasonic panther computer model rl h70000 w I would like to sell that works

Sunday 27th April 2014
Nanci Glassgow (CA USA )

I bought a brand brand new Panasonic Senior Partner in 1985. Used it in my business. I had a modem installed in it when I bought it. It still works the last time I plugged it in. I have a boot disk.

Saturday 1st March 2014
Mark (Long Island ny)
On the odd

I just acquired a functional one but it didn''t have the bootdiscs. Can I just use any 5.25 floppy or do I need specific bootdiscs? Anyone have a copy I could buy?

Monday 29th July 2013
chris sitarski (fremont ne usa)

Sorry I''ll right you if you want to buy it

Monday 29th July 2013
chris sitarski (fremont ne usa)

I have one good condition I''m selling it it works great any offers

Thursday 25th April 2013
BillN (FL, USA)

I have a Panasonic Sr Partner that I purchased new. I have the original shipping box, a carry case and the original receipt. I have been storing it since I could not bring myself to part with this piece of my personal history. I no longer have room for it. Anyone interested?
It has not been plugged in for over ten years. I doubt if it works.

Thursday 24th January 2013
just me (Germany)

Well, bought one in 1986 for half the price, which was then around $2000, including 2 * 360 KB drives and only MS DOS 2.11$ but i later "repaired" it, by using parts from a Nixdorf clone. I still have it, and i won''t give it away EVER. Was very expensive then, and had to work hard for the money to pay it. I used it to write, play, and be online for the first time in my life with a 300bd modem. I will have to figure out, whether it is still working, because i didn''t use it for some time, but i''ll check out soon :-)

Friday 4th January 2013
Corey K (MD, United States)

I recently picked one of these up for free. It didn''t include the software though. I''m hoping I come a cross the software somewhere.

Tuesday 14th September 2010
Matt (UK)

I grew up using this machine, only it was the Nixdorf version I played games on it, wrote stories on it, and learned DOS on it. And We still have it!

Brilliant, innovative machine.

Friday 28th May 2010
HammerNJ (New Jersey, USA)

I inherited one of these back in 1985 when our Office computer System got upgraded to a Novell ArcNet LAN with IBM PS/2 25 Workstations. I upgraded it to 10MB Hard drive and 512K as well. Took it home and used it to connect to the first version of Prodigy online. I loved it''s built-in Modem and Thermal Printer. I learned every DOS command and BASIC on it too. Was tough to use PFS: Write! on it''s 9" green screen, but I managed! Now my 15 year old is fascinated by all this old stuff. Ny 22 and 25 year old could care less....

Thursday 12th January 2006
Ed P  (Cleveland, OH)

Bought mine in 1984 when I was living in NJ. Upgraded it to 512K and a 10mb hard drive, mouse, external color monitor. Had lots of software, including something called "Fontrix" that generated all kinds of cool fonts via graphics. Used that to print out large banners on the thermal printer. Learned basic on the SrPtr and actually generated some animation! Sorry to say that I sold it in 1988 or 89 when I upgraded to a Hyundai PC. Wish I still had it for the memories!

Thursday 5th January 2006
Pam Alt (WV, USA)

I have one of these which was used in a classroom in an elementary school. It was being thrown away by the school, so my family adopted it. My children, now ages 20 and 17, had used it in their 3rd grade classroom for games such as hangman. It had also played many other DOS learning programs. The one which I have does not have a mounted hard drive. Could anyone here let me know how to get the DOS on a 5.25" floppy drive or any programs so that it could be now displayed in the school museum? - Pam (

Tuesday 23rd August 2005
JP (Germany)

At the moment, there is one for sale at - Item number 5233962148

Tuesday 12th July 2005
Ken Mc. (Woodstock, GA)

I still have mine, and it still works like a champ! This thing made me "bad geek on campus" for about a year in '84. I was able to use Turbo Pascal v2.0 on it to do my class work - I would have never survived simulation and statistics class without it.

I pull it out of the closet every now and then and play Zaxon on it, etc. I had quite an inventory of software, which I should probably archive off to CD before the old 5.25" floppies degrade completely.

Thursday 21st April 2005
John Fink (USA)

At one time our company owned two Sr. Partners. We regularly plugged them into 15 amp circuits which has other devices plugged in as well. The Sr. Partner may have been heavy but they didn't draw any more power than an an IBM PC with monitor and printer.

Wednesday 3rd September 2003
Philippe Gouin (Québec, Canada)

> I still have it, and promise to keep it forever. It is like an old friend to me, as I
> learned DOS, and BASIC on it. One of the greatest machines of its time.
I feel the same with mine :) I can't help myself, I keep starting it every once in a while :) The sound it makes, the green screen, the feel of the keyboard... It's such a big part of my life, I just can't throw the thing away...

Wednesday 23rd October 2002
Oliver W. Leibenguth (Germany)
Olivers Compuseum

I got on of these about 2 years ago (mint in unopened box!). It worked great until last week, when it started to garble the screen output :-(
It still tries to print text on the screen but you can't read it.... Does anybody know where to start looking for the fault?


Thursday 26th September 2002
Jim Gall (Belle Mead, New Jersey)

This was the first computer that I ever worked with. My mom bought it two years after it was released in '83. I was born in '86, so I got used to using the system for... 10 years. I still have it, and promise to keep it forever. It is like an old friend to me, as I learned DOS, and BASIC on it. One of the greatest machines of its time. Let alone the built in printer (of which no longer works in my unit).

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