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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Zenith Data Systems  Z-160 PC computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 31st January 2020

I just started restoring a Z-160. It was sold to me as not having the keyboard cable. Turn out it did have the keyboard cable. It was located in the compartment which is revealed by sliding the panel to the left of the monitor. Neither the description here nor anywhere else mentions this sliding panel.

Sunday 7th October 2018
caerhl irey (United States)

I do still have one. I can''t seem to message anyone. If you are interested, message me at

Saturday 30th June 2018
caerhl irey (United States)

I have one too. I found mine in an alley. I had a sticker from the University of Minnesota Computer Lab. It was being thrown out. It has a modem installed in it! It works great and weighs a ton!

Saturday 2nd December 2017
maximilian elseroui (Austria)

Do you still have this Zenith Z-160? I am interestet in buying it ?

Thursday 14th September 2017
ZeroCool235 (United States)

I would love to have the Zenith, if you could just shoot me an email about shipping and handling that would be cool!

Monday 11th September 2017
Bob Gregory (USA)
My web site

Hi Everyone,

After 30 years of running my business I am retiring by the end of the year. For the first 8 years or so we were a ZDS dealer and I have seen them all. Z150m Z160, Z386, Z86, the whole offering.

The purpose of this post is that I have a Z160 in pristine running condition with a 20MB hard drive $ 5.25" FDD that I am willing to GIVE AWAY at no cost other than packaging $ shipping fees. I also have a Compaq Portable in the same shape. There are no strings, I just think it would be nice for Zenith people to get the Z160.

Monday 24th April 2017
Robert Carnevali (USA)

This was my first real computer. My employer at the time had one and wanted to get a different model. They sold it to me by letting me pay weekly with a little out of my paychecks for a year. It had 384K RAM that I expanded to 640K. I also took out a floppy drive and added a 20MB hard drive. It did have a socket for an 8087 chip. The monochrome monitor was clear, but the PC released a ton of radio interference from the video adapter. The neighbor upstairs complained that when I''d load a video game on it, he could see the video on his television overpowering his own antenna reception. I gave it to a friend after I got a Northgate 386 PC. When she passed away, I helped clear out her apartment and it wound up getting thrown away. I still regret doing that as I''d love to have it back again. One day I''ll find one somewhere for sale.

Wednesday 27th July 2011
Michael (Newcastle upon Tyne)

I still have one of these in running order! From time to time I get it out to prove the point that despite all the GigaHertz of CPU ... I can enter information ''almost'' as fast today as I could in the mid-80''s !! Roll on the semantic web when we ca re-use information... I think that will make a big difference. In the meantime, I gracefully concede when I compare modern browsing to the Z-160 capability... compuserve on 300 baud was sloooooowwwwwww! $-)

Saturday 23rd July 2011
Gary Crunk (Arizona, USA)
AM Times Magazine

I just bought one of these. The unit has a Yellow Bar across the CRT when on, cant see anything else....
I read William Pociengel had one and he overclocked it, but had to adjust the video... I think thats what I need to do... William Pociengel, can you shed some light on this for me???? Thanks
Gary Crunk

Saturday 14th February 2009
A Man (Computer Desk, Living Room)

I think it looks really awsom, a perfict example of old computer awsomeness

Thursday 16th February 2006
Dan (London)

I picked one of these up a year or so ago. It's been pretty heavily upgraded with 640k + 1MB of RAM and a 40MB HDD.

If anyone has any advice on networking this beast I'd love to hear it... Think it's about timt it got on the net...

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