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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Tandy Radio Shack  1000 TX computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 26th January 2023
Joseph Linington (Canada)

I had a Tandy 1000TX that my father bought in 1987 and was our family computer until 1991-1992. It was a very weird machine built on the Tandy 1000 XT platform with only support for 640k ram plus 128K extra video ram, no support for extended memory and only 8 bit ISA slots. All of this even though the TX had an 8Mhz 80286 processor. By the end of it''s life with me we had added a second floppy and a 20MB hardcard. The machine came with Dos 3.2 and did not have Dos or DeskMate in ROM like some of the earlier Tandy 1000''s.

Monday 24th May 2021
Greg Bzdell (Canada)

The last copy of of MS-DOS I bought in a shrink-wrapped box was MS-DOS 4 and it worked great on this machine. I bought it at the Salvation Army thrift store in Estevan, Sk, Canada.

Monday 24th May 2021
Greg Bzdell (Canada)

I posted this in the original 1000 forum. Sorry! My first MSDOS-compatible comp was a Tandy 1000TX with a 20meg Hardcard. I rescued it from the landfill and it had CM-5 monitor. Great machine...... although not as good as my maxed-out CoCo 3. I wish I still had both of them. DeskMate, in all its forms, was effing wonderful. I still use the last version in DOSBox. Sublime.

Friday 18th October 2019
Jeff Friend (Brisbane Australia)
The Home Of The Friendly Ghost

My first computer was a Tandy 1000TX in 1989. No HDD, only 640K RAM and a single 1.4mb FDD. I ran everything from a MS-DOS 4.2 DOS prompt. About a year later, I upgraded the RAM to 768K and added a second FDD. This cost me about $2500. I gave that computer away in 1994. I wish I had of kept it...

Saturday 1st April 2017
John A Miller (United States)
Data Services of GA

I have a Tandy-1000 TX in great condition. Anyone want it? call me. (912) 398-8632.

Saturday 21st July 2012
Thom (Central NJ)
Delivering on the Promise

I owned a T1000 TX, and added aftermarket goodies: a 10meg hard drive card, a VGA card, and 2 meg of bank memory. I had given the computer to a co-worker in 1991, when I got a new computer, but I enjoyed that computer the most of all that I''ve owned.

Tuesday 24th April 2012
HOLLY (Davie, FL, USA)

I need the keyboard for the tandy 1000tx. anyone? anyone? buehler, buehler????

Saturday 22nd January 2011

We still have a Tandy 1000 is approx 23 years old now. Still works, plus have the printer too. Anyone interested in buying it ? Please phone 641-512-2355
We are in Iowa

Saturday 5th June 2010
Terry Mills (Mentor, Ohio, USA)

This was my third computer and one of my favorites. I ran Autocad on this computer. This was one computer that never failed me. When the sever at work went down we could hook the drives up this baby and it always performed. In fact even though we could not even close the case it out performed the companies newer machines.

Saturday 14th April 2007
Ray Jewhurst (Roseville, MI)

The second computer I ever owned was a Tandy 1000TX and boy did I love it. Mine had a 20 mb hard card and 768k RAM and a Smart Clock chip in it. I used to play the old SSI "Gold Box" D&D games on it and the graphics and sound for the time were amazing almost as good as EGA.

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