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VCS 2600

Indy 500  rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5

"Be first to the finish, racing your car around the tracks on 14 INDY 500 game variations. Each INDY 500 Game Program cartridge comes with a set of Driving Controllers. Race against the clock or compete against an opponent."

Indy 500 was one of the original nine titles released at the same time as the Atari VCS system.

The cartridge offers 14 game variations based on 3 main types: racing tracks, crash'n score and tag.

Grand Prix Track
Round the turns on this track. You're racing against an opponent who's out to complete 25 laps first to be the winner. In Time Trial mode, you race against the clock on the Grand Prix track. You have 60 seconds to complete as many laps as possible.

This game variation was inspired by Atari Arcade hit Gran Trak 10.

Devil's Elbow Track
Same as above but on a different track with some wicked turns.

Crash'n Score
Score points by crashing! Each player controls one race car with a hand-held Controller. The white square is your target. When it appears on the playfield, race cars attempt to crash into it. When the crash occurs, the player scores one point and the square disappears. The square reappears at random on another part of the playfield. Two different tracks are available as well as Time Trial mode (1 player).

Crash'n Score is an adaptation of Atari arcade game Crash'n Score released in 1975.

Two persons play these games like a regular game of tag. Each player controls one car. The car that is NOT blinking is "it." When your car is blinking, you must avoid becoming tagged by your opponent's car. ("it") Score one point for every second you avoid the tag. When the "it" car tags your race car, your car starts to blink. Now you are "it" and must tag the blinking car.

Two tracks available.

Ice Race
Cars race around the icy track and compete against each other or the clock. The ice makes steering on the track difficult.

Two different tracks are available as well as Time Trial mode (1 player).


    Indy 500 was inspired by Crash'n Score (Arcade)
    Indy 500 was inspired by Gran Trak 10 (Arcade)


Grand Prix Track (2P)

Grand Prix Track - Time Trial (1P)

Devil's Elbow Track (2P)

Devil's Elbow Track - Time Trial (1P)

Crash'n Score I track (2P)

Crash'n Score I Track - Time Trial (1P)

Crash'n Score II track (2P)

Crash'n Score II track - Time Trial (1P)

Tag - Barrier Chase Track (2P)

Tag - Motor Hunt Track (2P)

Ice Race - Sprint Track (2P)

Ice Race - Sprint Track - Time Trial (1P)

Ice Rally Track (2P)

Ice Rally Track - Time Trial (1P)



Box - back

Big bix including driving paddles




documentation - cover

driving paddles

driving paddles - detail

 detailed info on - very interesting, got some nice details about Indy 500

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year of release 1977
companies Atari
type game
media cartridge
requirement Driving Controllers CX20
systems Atari 2600
number of players 1 - 2 players (versus)
staff Ed Riddle
tags car, racing

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