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C > COMMODORE  > C128 - C128D


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  C128 - C128D computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 15th March 2011
Gary (US)

I remember a distinct feature of the C128 that the C64 didn''t have, out of the box...

Play "A C B C B C A"


Friday 17th April 2009
Jon Fukumoto

Ahh yes!! The C128!! I had one of those!! There is one more tidbit. When you power on the machine, there''s a hidden message which showed the designers of the C128. Type SYS 32800,123,4,5 and voila it pops up. There''s also hidden messages in the 1571 and the 1581, but I don''t remember how they were activated.

Saturday 8th February 2020
TheGrandRascal (NJ, USA)

I actually still have $ and, (very) occasionally, still USE! $ my Commodore-128!

In addition to the C128 itself, I also have:

1. An attached CMD SuperCPU$

2. A CMD RamLink (16MB)$

3. Two 1571''s (both wth JiffyDOS)$

4. A 1581 (also with JiffyDOS)$

5. A CMD FD-2000 (which came with JiffyDOS preinstalled $ it also has a realtime clock installed)$

6. A Commodore 1084 color monitor$ and

7. A Seikosha SP-1000VC dot-matrix printer.

And THEY ALL WORK!!! Yay!!!

All hail my Commodore might! $$9786$

Tuesday 18th April 2017
mike (United States)

@STEVE - you can install an emulator to run your programs . Google c128 emulators

Thursday 2nd February 2017
Steve (Queens, New York)

Just cleaned out a desk draw and found an old TIMEWORKS box that Word Writer 128 came in. There are about a dozen floppys with some stuff on them that I would like to see. I live in New York City and would like to contact someone in this area with a 128 who could possibly open the floppys and print out anything worthwhile to me. I still have the Word Writer program and would give it to anyone who could help me, and I would of course cover any expenses.
My e-mail address is

Saturday 3rd September 2016

A truly revolutionary machine!!! The C128 had 128,64, and CP/M straight out of the box!!!! 3 machines in one making it arguably the best 8 bit computer ever made. I just wished they had made more games to take advantage of the 128 mode, they had a GEOS version that did and it was great!! Had this machine been introduced at the time of the Apple II and even the first IBM PC, I believe it would have been a real game changer and a great option for business and education.

Tuesday 16th August 2016
Ali Raza (Pakistan)

Commodore 64 , still remember that RoboCop Game and its diskette ,the character fires while move front leg backwards, sweet n unforgettable memories .

Tuesday 17th November 2015
Petar Whywar (Croatia)

I am an (very) old commodore c128 computer user. In my attic I found my old „ c128”. After looking over his main PC board I was surprised by one special part designed like: COMMODORE FAB P/N 825091-01 (or 325091?) which care 28 pin chip: JAPAN 8515, U1009SS0, HN 482764 G. Additionally information,$ that peace of board with chip is connected to the 24 pin, U18 place (normally, at that place should be ROM 64K 128 Char, part No 390059-01!? That part carry also a strange text etched into the copper of the board of C128 computer. That phrase sounds like: RIP: HERD/FISH/GUAY/PAR.
I will be appreciate if somebody give me a clue what that staff is.

Tuesday 6th September 2011
Roger Rabbit

Actually the author''s correct about the Commodore 128 C64 mode CPU speed, it is 1022MHz (US Specification based on 120v 60Hz power) 922KHz (European Specification, based on 240v 50Hz power) the difference is solely in how the clock handles the incoming power frequency.

Tuesday 31st May 2011
Andres Serrano (Spain)

The speed in C64 mode is incorrect, should be the same as the C64, which is 0.980 MHz (PAL).

Friday 8th April 2011
Shadow (USA)

I had an original 128 but only got a fair deal of use out of it before moving on to the PC, my 64C was my baby especially after all of the mods.

I had a buddy that had a 128D, but it always worked.... odd in 64 mode for soem reason, never knew anyone else that had one, so not sure if it was all of the models or just his.

Wednesday 19th May 2010
SPJ Perera (Sri Lanka)

Well Mr.Alonso, you can sell your Commodore 128 computer to me!

Friday 11th November 2005
Simon (Perth, Western Australia)

I love my c128s. Im building an ultimate c128 setup. So far the c128 is painted electric blue. I plan for it to have switchable ROMS with LCD readout, Jim Brains IDE/Flash interface built in, possibly an internal HD if I can fit it and an upgraded power supply. The blue 1571 will have switchable roms with LCD readout too :)

Ill post here when finished....

Saturday 5th November 2005
Alonso (New Orleans, La)

I have a Commodore 128 system and i dont know what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Friday 7th October 2005
Diego Mezzini (Argentina)

can i adapt another keyboard to the c128d?

Monday 27th June 2005
Daniel (Sweden)

i just think the 128 has the most beutifull design of all computers of all time
I rmember that a friend of mine had a 128D and damn he was proud if it ;) Myself had a c64(c) but started my computer life with a vic20 then c64c until i went over to Atari and my Atari 520Stm (upgrader ti 1mb) until the PC took over completely..but damn it was so much better before ;)

Sunday 28th November 2004
Adam C. (NY/VA/GA, USA)

Hey Héctor Castañeda , check out star commander it should help.
C128 was what I upgraded to from C64... had the extra SID chip soldered in for 6 sid channles in stereo! Remember playing a C64 and a C128 at the same time with axel foley in both availible keys. Oh yah I was totally a geek.

Wednesday 28th April 2004
Héctor Castañeda (Lima, Perú)

I've got important documents stored on 5 1/4" diskettes, made on a Commodore 128D, wich i need to convert to PC format. I don't have the Commodore anymore, but I do the external Dktte Drive . Is there a way to connect it to the PC? Do you know where can I get this data conversion service?

Tuesday 22nd April 2003
Malc (UK)

I got the 128MB RAM pack for my 128 which was useful for a CP/M RAM disk - speeded up compilation of COBOL (Utah or was it Nevada COBOL?) programs enormously! I also ran dbase II. It was very useful during my HND in Computing in 1988/9 era

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