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A > ATARI  > VCS 2600


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Atari  VCS 2600 videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 22nd January 2018
rod (canada)

Have you played Atari today??? If not, then you should stop what you''re doing right now and fire one of these bad boys up.

Saturday 25th March 2017

I had a Sears version of the 2600. Sears actually sold the same unit under their own name. I found that if I pulled out the cartridge just a tiny bit and re$ed it again very quickly, It would sometimes go into a weird mutated version of a game. Very strange things would happen. I mainly remember doing this with the original Battleship game. I have many fond memories and have often considered buying one of those Atari "Flashback" consoles.

Thursday 2nd February 2017
Bartimaus (U.S.A.)

I picked up one of the "Darth Vader" systems with 6 games all cables and a controller for 30 $ and I can say it was well worth it. Too bad on of the games was E.T. the extraterrestrial...

Tuesday 19th April 2011
Teery (Arlington, Texas, United States, North America, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe)

Actually, the NES didn''t exit production production in 2004. In 2004 Nintendo stopped repairing NES consoles.

Sunday 11th July 2010
tn102 (Michigan, USA)

I have one of these, I got it from my grandma. I went out and bought a converter so now it hooks right up to my regular TV through the coaxial cable. It works perfectly and I have a lot of games for it. In fact I think I might go play it right now

Sunday 3rd August 2008
Joe (US, Ohio)

My parents got me a Sega Genesis when it came out and I noticed the controller port pins were the same as my Atari 2600. So being as young as I was, I put the Genesis Controller in my Atari Port and it worked. The Sega Genesis B trigger was the fire button and the direction pad worked as well.

Thursday 9th August 2007
Giovani Zancan (Santo ângelo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Absolutely one fantastic console!
I got one for my birthday when I was... 7? Anyway, I could only play it on this old black-and-white TV, and had only Pacman and a racing game whose name I can't recall. So, one day I found myself alone at home, and plugged it into my color TV; I say to you, it was one of the most exciting things, seeing all the colors and details *-*
Too bad it stopped working and I, in my stupidstupid mind, thought I could fix it. Results? Opened it and it never worked again, so my mom trew it away T_T

Man, I need another of those!

Tuesday 27th March 2007
Nate Arnold (Ohio)

OK so it wasn't going to be that much ;). The point is that I was stupid enough to sell it. I miss the darn thing, and emulation does not exactly feel the same. In fact, I wish I still had it.

Thursday 25th January 2007
bluekatt (netherlands)

im also not sure what exactly nate arnold was on when he wrote that but there is no way in hel that anny atari 2600 system would be worth thousands of dollars unless its a old stock misb 1977 vcs with all games misb then and only then might it be worth a couple of grand

Wednesday 10th January 2007
bluekatt (netherlands)

the atari's record has already been broken
twice ( to a degree ) first by the nintendo famicom who went into production in japan in 1983 and went out of it in 2004
thats 21 years
the other is the gameboy who has been running ever since 1989 in one form or another

honorable mention is the playstation 1 who has also survived for 12 years one way or another
for around 6 7 years as a hardware entity andnow as a integrated romchip and emulator calls in the ps 2 and 3

Tuesday 1st November 2005
Nate Arnold (USA)

My parents got this system as a wedding present in 1981. We'r talking a stock and pure Atari 2600. My family, friends and i played it so much that it went into disrepair ($250,000 aset for 2004: down the drain). Then my mom surprised us with a brand spanking new atari 2600 (the 1988 version aka the 2600Jr due to smaller dimensions). I sold it at a garage sale (1996) with 25+ games, all for about $30. DOH!!! (values estimated for 2004 would have benn 10's of thousands of dolars in non-mint and working condition)

Sunday 2nd October 2005
Tyler (Osky, IA)

Hey ppl i just bout one of these at a garage sale for a buck the original 1977 system i belive and the combat game + some others im so happy!

Friday 4th March 2005
Aran Carrigan (USA)

I'm a kid, too!
I have one suggestion on hooking it up to a new TV: Hook the coaxial cable to your Antenna input (on the TV or VCR). You shouldn't need an adaptor. Oh yeah, does anyone know a good place to buy an Atari 7800?

Saturday 27th November 2004
Stephen Knotts (USA)

Even though I'm just a kid, I'm a HUGE old-computer hobbyest, and I've almost always wanted to get my hand on the Atari VCS 2600. This christmas looks positave! :-)

Friday 5th November 2004
bhtooefr (USA)

Keep in mind, this is all from what I know, which (when it comes to 2600s) is nothing.

You'll most likely need an RF convertor, and maybe an adaptor to plug into a coaxial cable input. You won't be touching the AV jacks.

Sunday 31st October 2004
Webmaster (France)

Here is an answers :

hope that helps
Try Google for more answers...

Sunday 31st October 2004
Mel (Ft Walton Beach Fl)

I am trying to hook an ATARI 2600 to a new TV. My TV has the standard tv video/audio inputs. Is there a way to hook up the ATARI to a new TV. If so, what connections would I need to convert the existing connections?

Saturday 10th July 2004
qonos (Seminole, Ok)

man i still think atari rulez! when i go to play video game, i go to PLAY the video game, not study it! i don't care what xxxxoo triangle up left square does! or when i need to do it! i care about sitting down and immediately being abled to be entertained without a bestselling sold separately code book to go with it! Atari is what being a vidiiot is about! gaming as entertainment, not study, because there's this other video game i play called, "a life".

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