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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  APPLE IIgs computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 24th March 2019
Skel (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

The Apple IIgs was one of the biggest blunders Apple ever did! The Machine had an amazing graphics ability, fantastic sound system, the disk drives were whisper quiet and fast, the computer''s appearance on the desktop was pleasing, backward compatibility, and it''s operating system was the forerunner to the modern Mac one. A lot of care and time went into engineering this beast.

There was just one problem - the blunder was not the fault of the machine. NO, the problem was: Apple''s management was not interested in pushing it and preferred the Mac instead! BIG MISTAKE, if this had become the Mac, they would probably have millions and millions of more Mac users today! Such a waste!

I remember in my senior year in high school, the computer science department had brought in a whole room of these. The Apple IIgs was just better than the first few versions of the Mac at the time and we all preferred to use the IIgs than the Macs! I learned Pascal on the IIgs. I still have fond memories of this computer!

Friday 31st October 2014
Robert (usa)

the elementary school i went to in the 90s had a whole computer lab full of these about 50 to 60 of them the only thing we could do on these was word processing or play a bunch of educational games like wild west math or number muncher they even had orgeon trail they were there until i was in the 5th grade back in 96-97 thats when the school upgraded to macs if i remember correctly they were perfoma macs

Friday 17th October 2014
Tyler  (us)

I have a bunch of equipment for Iigs for sale

3 x iigs rom 1 machines all working
2 x memory expansion cards
2 x iigs keyboards
2 x apple keyboard II
7 x adb tank mouse
4 x 3.5 drives
1 x 5.25 drive
3 x iigs color rgb monitors
System disks

and also a rare system it is a Woz edition and in very nice condition it contains the rare hundred megabytes Vulcan internal drive with applied engineering vulcan card along with a rAm gs card and 3.5inch drive and a 5.25 drive all working with a perfect condition RGB color monitor with the Word Perfect corporation asset tag on itplease email me at A9163161094 at Gmail for pictures info and

Monday 8th October 2012
Bob Murphy (USA)

Need help with GS/Imagewriter II setup:
When printing a program listing, I am getting overprinting (lines more than 80 columns printing on 1 line). Must be a line feed problem? I''ve tried setting Imagewriter dipswitch SW 1-8 to both open and closed to no avail. Can anyone solve my problem?
p.s. printer outputs single lines without a problem.

Tuesday 28th August 2012
David Guzman (PR)

I remember this little thing, together with the Amiga this was the other computer I wanted to buy back there. I couldn''t because my brother needed a PC compatible for college so my mother bough a PCjr instead (and even those were very expensive back then) and I still enjoyed that one but I would have probably bought an Amiga 1000 and/or a IIgs back there if we could have afforded them. :)

The IIgs was great machine too, it was backward compatible with the software for the Apple II, it had great graphics (much better than the older II), great sound, it had new tricks up it sleeve, and even a great GUI like the Mac. It was also much faster than the older IIs. Great machine and I don''t know if this was me but I always tough that the aesthetic design of the exterior of the machine was very, very nifty and very cool! As a matter of fact today I still think that!

If I had a little bit of more cash I think that maybe I would acquire a IIgs CPU and monitor chassis and maybe mod it and retrofit a newer computer inside of the CPU chassis (even if it was one of those miniitx or nano itx PC boards, I don''t care!) and retrofit an LCD display in the monitor case! Yes even if it was PC! There are many options with that, one could run it as a PC and put Windows Blind skins, new Mac like icons, cursors, Mac like wallpapers etc. that made it look like an Apple machine, and/or run an Apple II emulator in it or perhaps use the PC innards to turn it into a Hackintosh!! ja, ja, ja! Maybe put the innards of a Mac mini in it but I just don''t know at the moment if it would fit inside, I just know that it would be way cool and bring back a lot of nostalgic memories. Woohoo!! That would be so cool to do!! Ja, ja, ja.

I love computers, I have a more let''s say PC cosmopolitan attitude toward them, I am just as happy using a PC as I could be using a Mac or a Linux if it just works good enough, I''m happy with it so this would be very cool to do.

I was astounded to see that Apple withdrew this machine from the market instead of continuing to evolve it but Apple wanted to push the Mac as their main PC only so they cancelled it at a moment when the II line still had a lot of respect of the community and good penetration in the education sector, that was so sad.

I many times tough that perhaps this strategy wasn''t so good from Apple, perhaps if they had continued to advance this line they would have covered not only the Desktop Publishing market that they captured with the Mac but they would have continued to capture a great part of the education sector and maybe later on they could have somehow merged the two architectures or make them very interoperable and maybe today the Mac would have had a larger market share, perhaps.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010
Amanda (us)

i have a iigs computer that i am wanting to sell if anyone is interested email me at

Tuesday 3rd August 2010
Kyle (NH, USA)

Sorry Im just basking in IIgs glory. I remember back in the day we had only one of these machines in our elementary school that could actually use a modem and communicate with other schools lol. Wow what an event that was, to actually communicate with a school from accross the country... I actually enlisted my Dad to come into our school and teach us ablout telecommunications, for he at the time worked as an IT for a little company called Sungard Data Recovery Systems. I will never forget my Dad teaching my 3rd grade class about this new horizon in technology :) Thanks Dad. Youre the reason I still have one of these incredible machines.

Tuesday 3rd August 2010
Kyle (NH, USA)

I have a IIgs Woz Limeted edition sitting right here next to me. I love the GSOS operating system and the colors/graphics are second to none. I am currently looking for some more memory and a SVGA card for it. I heard some loony actually ported Quake to this machine.... Imagine that, a machine from ''86 able to support a game from ''96. The IIgs is definately the greatest system I have ever used.
(PS: YES I have used an Amiga so all you Amiga fans can be quiet, I still prefer the IIgs...)

Wednesday 9th June 2010
MaryAnne (Irvine, CA USA)
@maryannewendt on twitter

I still own an Apple IIGS and it looks brand new $ still works! My first Apple. I''m a huge Mac fan, will be keeping this for my geeky home office museum. :-)

Friday 13rd June 2008
Poopskin the liar (Naperville, Illinois)

Well, i may have been born in 1994, but i have quite a interest in many old computers, particularly the IIGS and the LISA. in a few days, i'll be procuring a IIGS off ebay! Man! i feel so geekily ecstatic!

Saturday 31st May 2008
Skel (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

The Apple IIgs was a beautiful machine. I remember back in high school using them. Indeed, I learned to program PASCAL on an Apple IIgs in that very classroom. I still have those floppy disks and although that classroom is now filled with the latest model of PCs and the IIgs's are all but a memory, I never got around to formatting those disks - there has always been a soft spot for me with these computers. Quite frankly the Apple IIgs was the only Apple computer I've ever really liked, why they rather abruptly discontinued with it's product line I'll never know.

Monday 21st January 2008
Henry  (USA)


After reading your comment on the forum I thought I would share some
of my ideas with you on what the problem could be with the Apple IIgs
you found. A reason why you might have gotten a spark is because you
hadn't waited after the computer was turned off to install the cards.
Hopefully the machine was off while you were working :) But the reason why
spaks fly every time it turns on, hmmm..

The issue might be with the RAM cards you installed with the
machine. Try this: Remove all the cards from the slots and make sure the
circuit board that would hold the cards is completly free of dust. If it
isn't, use a can of compressed air to clean out the dust. Aersol cans of
compressed air can be found at any office supply store (OfficeMax,
Staples, ect). Pay close attention to the slots where those cards go when
cleaning and look for any obstructions (like dust clumps). Once the
circuit board is dust free WITH CAUTION start up the Apple IIgs. If there
aren't any sparks, turn off the computer, wait about 15 seconds, and put
ONE of the cards in. Again, make sure the card itself is free of dust
specially the goldfingers (those golden like teeth that go into the
slot. Make sure the side of the card with the components is facing AWAY
from the power supply. Repeat the test by turning the computer on again
carefully. If there are sparks, remove the card and then repeat
this same test with the other cards, one by one.

Remember to excercise extreme caution when working.

The Apple IIgs is a great computer to use and play some of those
nostolgic games from the 80s and early 90s. The GS had great Graphics and
Sound; Hence the name. The Apple IIgs shows the great quality that Apple
Computers had then and still have today. I have collected a few old
Apple Computers and really enjoy using them for fun once in awhile.

Some good places to find Apple IIgs peripherals, software, accesories
is at

Hope I could help,

Thursday 16th August 2007
Eric (USA)

I found an Apple IIgs in one of the old computer rooms the other day. It has no hard drive or floppy drive. But a few days ago, I accidentally caused the computer to make a spark. when trying to switch out the RAM location (I've already realized that you put the ram in by slot cards. I didn't put any of the kind of RAM we use these days.) I put it back to the way I found it. Now when i start it up, I get a whole bunch of static. Can anyone help me?

Email me, please. I don't check forums very often.

Friday 19th January 2007
Henry (usA)
Apple II Q&A

Hi, I can answer questions for you on this page! Just send a message!

Monday 18th September 2006
Henry (USA)

Do you ever have trouble accessing the Control Panel Program? I know I do. But, to make it easier, try, Apple - control - escape at any time. When you are finished with the control Panel, you can resume what you were doing. I don't know if this is works with all of the ROM versions,
but try it. :)

Wednesday 28th June 2006
Max (from Italy) (Italy)

I have found one of these, but it have 110 Vac power supply. I know it's possible to modify some internal jumpers into power supply to switch off one duplicator so it can use 220 Vac (European mains), but I don't know what jumpers rules! I have an Astec power supply. Thanks for any help you may provide. Max

Friday 16th June 2006
Henry (same as one below) (USA)

To answere your question Karen, you can use a RCA video cable to plug in to the TV or VCR. This conncets to the video cable port next to the RGB moniter port. The image will appear on your screen in color. (You may need to check your TV set up if you are having difficulties.

Tuesday 2nd May 2006
karen (Australia)

I was wondering how i would go about locating a working screen/terminal for an old Apple IIgs i have - the screen on my current one appears to have died.

Friday 2nd September 2005
Poe (California)

Ah, but multitasking and internet is possible. You'll need about four megs of ram and a multitasking program called Soft Switch. As for the internet, it is mainly text based and slow. Ah, but the software base... you have to love it!

Wednesday 3rd August 2005
Renzin (USA)

My school has truckloads of these Apples in a storage room. I guess they really must've liked them. I really don't know why they don't wanna get rid of them. I'd like to get my hands on one.

Thursday 14th July 2005
GSGeek (Ste-Therese, Quebec)

You said it Poog. It had most of today's desktop features (and Apple's unique Eject command... with burp! sound :^), less multi-tasking and Internet (or TCP/IP) support. It had Apple Talk however, which was fine in classrooms. A hard drive really enhance GS experience.
Hmmm... regular keyboard of Mac are probably useable since the GS supports ADB (Apple Desktop Bus).

Friday 3rd June 2005
poog t(^^t) <-that's me (America)

hey, can I use a regular computer mouse for this computer? What about keyboard (they have these awesome LED glowing keyboards at and I thought it would be funny to hook it up to my 'gs.) ?
Oh, and this computer is so freaking awesome!

Tuesday 24th May 2005
Henry (Again) (US of A)

When you turn on you IIgs and get:
Don't Freak out! It's perfectly normal. You see,
It's looking for a floppy drive with a program disk in it to read. The start up device is the floppy drive(s) and/or the hard drive. WARNING! THE APPLE IIGS CPU DOES NOT HAVE A HARD DRIVE. It's a sepereate Pheripheral that is external; always out side of the CPU. If you have purchased a "new" Aple IIgs without software, YOU NEED software to run it. Software on floppies for the Apple II.T he Apple IIgs can run any of the previous Apple II series software. That's the best part about it!

Tuesday 24th May 2005
Henry (US of A)

You can change the speed of your Apple IIgs by using the control panal program that is built in. To access it, turn on the unit. When the Apple Computer inc. 1977-1987 screen comes up press CONTROL-OPTION-RESET. Press as many times as you need to then the control panal application will come up!

P.S. Hold down keys if nessesary.

Monday 3rd January 2005
zach (merrick, ny)

i remember using these bastards in 1997 in the first grade (as you can c, i'm not very old) and having Apple IIG's in the classroom. boy... you got really far when on this machine.

Sunday 14th December 2003
Gabe (Houston Texas)

Im a comp tech at a school district, and we still got a lab of these little bastards. We never have problems with them. I remember using them when i went to elem school. OMG.

Thursday 10th October 2002
Yves Mc Donald (Quebec, Canada)

Apple IIgs hardware on a standard PC? Certainly not as far as interface cards are concerned: PC and Apple buses are not compatible. Joystics, mice and keyboard? Forget it, they use different serial buses. Memory chips - IIgs are propably too slow . You could probably salvage SCSI hard disks but what's the point? They must be of 40 Mb capacity. Just leave your GS as it is and enjoy.

Sunday 22nd September 2002
raf (israel)

can i use any of the apple IIgs hardware on a standart pc computer?

Thursday 27th June 2002
techfury (not telling you)

That message is just asking you to insert a disk and reboot.

Wednesday 29th May 2002
Matt Taylor (South Carolina)

I recently picked up an Apple IIgs. I would really like to get it up and running the best that it can, ( a hobby project ). I know noting about apple, but am learning. I have a message across the screen that says "check startup device " I am guessing that this is the "screen of death" for the Apple IIgs. Does anyone know where I can purchase hardware/software for the Apple IIgs ? thanks for all your help.

Monday 25th February 2002
Fabrice Montupet (France)
Forever 1970..80..90

If you want to see the names of the guys who designed the Apple II GS: when starting the computer without any disk or HD, the following message appears "CHECK STARTUP DEVICE". Then press simultaneously the CTRL + OPTION + APPLE + N keys!

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