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C > COMMODORE  > Amiga 500


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  Amiga 500 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 28th August 2020

To be slightly pedantic, should point out that if I remember correctly, the Amiga actually had superior MIDI capabilities but the Atari ST applied common sense and actually built in the MIDI ports, which was a winner over needing a separate dongle for the Amiga.

Monday 4th April 2016
Niels Roskam (Australia)

My 2nd computer which lasted me for many and took me through my Computing Science Uni from 1988. Living next to the German border I had access to the active German after market for Amiga equipment. Had a kickstart 2.04 chip upgrade, 2MB RAM upgrade, an external (non-Commodore) 20MB Seagate harddrive... great machine it was.

Monday 16th March 2015
Jamie (Uk)

I loved my Amiga 500, I used to make music on mine with a program called"Octomed". I wish I still had it, it was awesome.

Monday 27th February 2012
Gavin (Plymouth, England)

I loved the Amiga 500. Had a friend who did amazing artwork on Deluxe Paint. My fave games were Gods and Lotus Turbo Esprit (2 player) also Kick Off 2 and Player Manager. Best of all I remember Geoff Crammonds F1 GP, used to go round a mates house and get drunk turn all the AI cars white and race a few mates against them (WARNING KIDS: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!)

Saturday 17th September 2011
Rui Sousa (Porto/Portugal)

Amiga is the best computer ever, me and my brother own 2 A-500 and 2 A-1200 all fully working these days, my favourite games on the amiga are, Sensible world of soccer, Dune 2 "the battle for arrakis", napalm, F1 GP, Gods, The Duel test drive 2, Rodland, Arkanoid, Great Courts 2, Cannon Fodder...we just love our good old AMIGA

Friday 15th July 2011
Trish (USA)

My favorite game for my Amiga 500 was ... LEISURE SUIT LARRY. I felt like the coolest kid on my block when I got my amiga. Oh memories.

Thursday 4th November 2010
Ugo Capeto
Ugo Capeto Music

it was a tough choice for me between the amiga 500 and the atari st. Yes, the amiga is probably better overall but the atari st had the MIDI ports. Anyways, i ended up getting neither and was stuck with a Commodore 64 (not a bad machine for a music maker, mind you).

Friday 26th March 2010
Sakuri Rainne (Michigan, USA)
The Current

I was born in 1991, so the Amiga was a big centerpiece in my household all the way up till 1997 when we FINALLY got ourselves a PC. Even then, the Amiga stayed in the family room next to our Amiga 500 for another year or so. The finally-retired machine is in my bedroom connected to a flat-panel TV. Boring story, I know, but it certainly speaks for the longevity of the Amiga 500. I remember my mom connecting to a BBS named "The Ruthless Gameboard" and download a lot of .lzh files... Many of them are still laying around on the desktop, ready to be expanded. Before I went off to college, I plugged the Amiga into my laptop and recorded ALL of the music. A few tracks find their way into my party playlist.

Sunday 7th March 2010
Dean (Arizona/USA)

Need: QUARTET music software - for the AMIGA 500 $ or an IBM version if there is one! OR an alternate music program that has POLYPHONIC please!

Wednesday 15th July 2009
brian (kent)

Have you looked @ for amiga bits

Thursday 14th August 2008
Damian (UK)

Wow, that's what I thought when I first saw an Amiga back in 1989, truely ahead of it's time, what other machine could produce the sound and graphics of an Amiga. And lets not forget, the first OS to be fully multitasking.

I've still got my Amiga 500 up in the loft, bit yellowed now but it still works. Ahhh memories... I remember when I bought my A570 CD drive for it, was blown away with the idea you could get 600 floppy disks on a CD!!!

Wednesday 10th January 2007
Gwion (Wales)

I have a Amiga 500 and i'm twelve years old i love my amiga i thinl its better than microsoft (well it is really) I play all my games on it and if people ask me what pc do i have i say my Amiga 500 its fully updated with a 8meg fast ram and I do everything on it even my homework AMIGA IS THE BEST!!!

Saturday 23rd July 2005

I had an A500 (ntsc with 1 meg of ram).
I remember those days like something special.
The first time a opened the blue box with the machine inside.
I couldn't believe the posibilities of this creation in the graphics and multimedia ground.
Real advantage hardware for those times.

Wednesday 22nd June 2005
tomm (u.k)

i own a amiga A500 plus but i cant get it to load up , it just goes red

Friday 17th June 2005
everton sebben (brazil)
Everton Sebben - film editor, afterfx art, sound edit.

SPIRIT. Amiga 500 was the revolution. It captured our minds. REMEMBER THE SOUND CAPTURE device? STUNNING. I need help. IM desperate to find the game SUPREMACY and MILENIUM. Man, help out here cuz i am really sick about it. My amiga times were the best ever. The sound. Remember QUARTET SOUND? Was really impressive, the software design and machine possibilities exploration. Man, good times...i wish i could live it again...

Friday 8th April 2005
Darren (UK)

Guru Meditation....and programming the machine in Shell - grrrrrrr!

and that ticking disk drive! Excellent!

Thursday 30th December 2004
Bruce Balling (USA)

I have a Amiga 500 and a lot of extras and software the monitor does not work but that was all. I have been for years trying to find a way to get the music or mod ripped from a game made by Mindscape of the UK called Captive, not captive II, Please help me I would love to have that music, and would like to set up the Amiga again or sell it. Thanks Bruce

Tuesday 16th November 2004
Jeff (Baltimore, MD)

Hi. I loved my Amiga 500, it was so advanced for it's time. It had a 'soul'.
Does anyone remember a game called Stunt Car Racer, or a game called Pinball Fantasies, or a game called Micro Machines, or... I could go on and on.
I used mine back in the day for WWW3 (bulletin boards), gaming, and desktop publishing. I remember the OS shell had a steep learning curve, and I never had a hard drive, but it was a powerful OS with true pre-emptive multitasking. I wish computers like this were still made, machines with passion and soul. I have yet to come across a better computer that I can call 'the best'. The cool thing about the Amiga was it was truly way better than anything at the time, but only a handful of people knew about it or had one. It was like a secret club.

Wednesday 8th September 2004
Alan Goodwin (UK)

Yay! The Amiga 500! I still have one of these in the bottom of my wardrobe. One of my richer college friends got one of these for xmas, and after I had a play with it, I had to have one. Saved, begged, stole and borrowed the ridiculous 600 quid and never regretted a penny of it. There were so many games for it, bu the best innovations were in the prolific underground scene. I had stacks of disks with some quite stunning and technically astonishing demos on by various geek groups (mostly from the netherlands, if I remember correctly).

I mainly used my "girlfriend" (Amiga is spanish for very, very saaaad!) for music composition on various "trackers" which were freeware and circulated faster than a joint at a student party. I ended up with literally thousands of samples (taken directly from tape and CD through a sampler which plugged into the serial port on the back which I acquired for 30 notes) and exploited the midi capabilities (another add-on...the only reason anyone had to get the rival Atari machine was the built-in midi port). I only stopped using it recently in this capacity when I got a 10 track digital recorder and mixer.

Man, I still love my Amiga!

Friday 3rd September 2004
Ken Sayer (Dexheim, Germany)

I have acquired a few Amiga 500s the past few months and have been learning much about hardware and software applications for the A500. I would suggest if anyone needs help in the upgrade or operation of their A500, search the internet for your questions. Just be sure to mention the 'Amiga 500' in your search inquiry. You will be surprised how much good information is available from many U.S. and Euro websites.

Enjoy your Amiga 500, they are fantastic!!

Wednesday 1st September 2004
rafal (poland)

A500 is just the best stuff.

Monday 7th June 2004
kris coll (scotland fife)

hi just got an a500 plus of ebay its good to have my old frend back am just wondring what i can get of the net in terms of software through my pc and is there anything i can buy to supe it up software wise or hardware wise thanks email if u have any tips



Friday 29th August 2003
Fahed Al Daye (Canada, Montreal, Quebec)

AMIGA 500 is the best computer in the planet, it have the coolest spirit in the world. First off all the graphics of the amiga 500 is so superb I was not surprised to hear that the amiga 1200 compare to macintosh if not even better in terms of graphics. I love my baby and I can hardly wait to enjoy every single game in it. AMIGA ROCKS AND RULES. Amiga 500 is the DA computer and I just wished it remained alive for both business and entertainment. ARRRGHH!! Damn you bill gate * waves fist in the air *

Sunday 10th August 2003
Pedro Jorge Reduto G. Ariz (Portugal)

Hi!I've got an Amiga 500 that isn't working properly. When i try to start with any game or other software program, after inserting the floppy disk on the respective drive, the system blocks and reboot after 5 seconds moreless. Can anyone help me and tell me what i can do to solve this problem? Thanks.

Sunday 27th July 2003
brad duval (australia WA)

Hi Would you please be able to help me I have a commodore AMIGA 500 given to me for my children and I need all the Instructions about assemabling, what cable goes were plus other Instruction on how it works. regards bradley.

Thursday 10th April 2003
Glyn Cowan (Paisly, Scotland)

Help please can anyone please copy for me the set-up, fonts and utilities disc that were supplied with the commodore 500 when new. I have searched loads of market stalls and second hand shops, I've found lots of games but not these particular discs. I can supply the discs and I am more than willing to pay postage if you can help contact

Thursday 6th March 2003
JCSid (Athens)

I just got an Amiga 500 from a friend and would like to start with it. Any idea where I could get any piece of OS which could do something, taking into consideration that no HardDisk is installed on this computer.

Wednesday 19th February 2003
RICK (netherlands)

who is have some datasheets for my amiga 500?
pleas send them to my email.

Sunday 2nd February 2003
Daniel Blackburn (Lancashire, England)

Hiya, just purchased an Amiga 500 off Ebay from someone in London, and as I live in Lancashire it will need to be posted. Trying to work out how much this is going to cost me, but does anyone know how heavy the Amiga 500 is? I had one years ago, however it broke, hence buying a new excellent piece of equipment, you can't beat the old ones! hehe.

I would appreciate if anyone could let me know so I can work out how much the postage will cost me.

Dan Blackburn

Monday 27th January 2003
John (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

I just love my Amiga 500.

Wednesday 15th January 2003
paul (Europe)

I agree with Czarl Amiga OS is one of the best operating systems I have ever used and compares will to today’s versions of M$ Windows and the UNIX family of operating systems. As far as I know both Amiga OS and new Amiga hardware is still under development and the new generation of Amiga with a new version of Amiga OS and IBM Power PC hardware should be available soon / now.

Sunday 10th March 2002
James (Australia)

I aggree with you Domenic, the amiga is still my favourite computer system, I have a PC now that has the works and the games are great but the amiga is an amazing machine and still on the top of my favourite list. I had an amiga about five years ago and regret ever getting rid of it, I am currently planning on getting one again and fixing it up.

Saturday 9th March 2002
Czarl (Victoria, British Columbia)
Carls Stuff

Amiga OS was the best OS of its time. It was a multi-tasking OS when M$ was running Win3.1. M$ has finally caught up to Amiga for multi-tasking capabilities. Imaging where AmigaOS would be today, some 15 years later !!

Unfortunately Amiga's demise came when businesses where mainly IBM machines and therefore most software got developed for it.

That's my 2-bits worth.

Thursday 24th January 2002
Domenic S.  (Asia)

The Commodore Amiga 500 is by far one of the most spirited computers ever to grace this planet. Elements of the graphics and sound capabilities are still unparalled today. Even taking the hardware of the Amiga 1000 and compacting it into a keyboard shell didn't effect its expandability. Many accelerators were developed to fit right inside the casing. Harddisks and ram could be easily added via the simple expansion slot on the side. In terms of software and hardware performance, the Amiga 500 leaves a tremendous gap for which other computers should fill and which "PCs" may never be able to attain.

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