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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Research Machines LINK 480Z computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 24th September 2016
Richard (UK)

In our secondary school computer lab in Banbury we had eight of these around the edges of the classroom. I''m sure we did some LOGO type programmes on them. There was an BBC Archimedes 310M in the corner running Arthur (RiscOS) and a PC emulator. We weren''t allowed to touch the Arch.

Friday 6th December 2013

I remember my primary school getting one of these. It was on a huge wooden trolley with the monitor etc. and each class would take it in turns to have it for half a day. The first time our class had it the teacher eventually managed to get a program running that taught us all how to tell the time! I thought it was all so futuristic!

Wednesday 31st August 2011
Ash (Didcot, United Kingdom)

We had 480Z''s in secondary school linked to a twin floppy 380Z "server" at the front of the classroom. I remember the teacher $ing 2x discs which I think had the same content and then instructing us to wait until he''d loaded the program onto his 480Z first. Then it would be our turn, with the workload split between the two server drives - a kind of load balancing system. Best way to wind up the teacher was for the entire class to jump the gun in unison $ get loading first!

Sunday 5th December 2010

Goto the yahoo group 380z, have posted answer there...

Saturday 18th September 2010
Dave (UK)

I have a 480Z and an MD1 floppy drive in the loft, I''d been after them for years.... I didn''t get the serial cable that connects them together though. Does anyone out there know how to wire one up? Cheers, Dave

Wednesday 21st November 2007
Carl (Los Angeles)

God, I remember we used these back when I was in high school, back when I grew up in the UK. I can recall writing my first text adventure on it, and trying hard to redo an old text adventure I had wrote on my old Vic-20 and C64.


Wednesday 2nd November 2005
Christine (suffolk)
heath primary school

I have to say that we also have an RM480Z that has been in daily use in the Nursery school since its purchase in 1983 and the Nursery teacher will NOT let go of it- she is very protective of it- eben though she also has an up to date pc too. we still have a few spare parts for when it has a headache but still going strong!!

Friday 8th April 2005
Darren (UK)

I used to repair these, and remember poking the memory to find out which memory chip had failed....CTRL-F if I remember correctly? Now I can't add up, due to the binary involved in diagnosing these! The black metal ones hurt if you drop them on your foot....but parts were interchangeable between the two models..

Thursday 10th October 2002
jc (Leamington Spa)

My dad worked for RM back "in those days", and we had both a 380Z and a 480Z in the house. The 480Z died a death, but I think the 380Z's still up in the loft. Great big black boxes!!

Anyone got any use for it, if I can pry it out of my dad's hands?


Wednesday 12th June 2002
Robert (Manchester (UK))

380Z was previous machine, it was just a black box with drives in it and a couple of ports of keyboard and screen.

You could link the 480Z's together to form a network and used our old 380Z as a 'server'.

You could recover programs from a crash by making a machine call on startup. I can't remember the call but I see to remember the address for '102'. It WAS 20 years ago mind.

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