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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Grundy  NEW BRAIN computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 4th April 2016
Niels Roskam (Australia)

The first computer I got to play with in 1983 when doing high-school in the Netherlands. From learning to beginnings of BASIC to doing poke and peeks into video RAM to get some graphics moving...

Tuesday 21st October 2014
Nick (United States)

My first real computer!

Sunday 28th October 2012
Evert (NL)

In the details of the NewBrain it says that the machine has
a "calculatortype" keyboard. That is nonsense !!!!
Measure the keydistances !! They are the same as the "big"
keyboards sold today !!
Only the surface of the keys were a bit smaller.
A BIG advantage !!! You would not hit 2, 3, or 4 keys at the
same time !! I have never seen such a beautyfull and perfect
working keyboard !!

Tuesday 25th October 2011
Scouter3d (Österreich)
Homecomputer Museum in Wien

Finally i got my NewBrain working again! see the whole story here:

Greetings TOM:-)

Saturday 20th August 2011
Scouter3d (Österreich)
Toms homepage

Hi, unfortunately my Newbrain is dead ... is there anyone who can help me /guide me in the repair process? I am an engineer and know a little bit about electronics, i have the shematics, i can use an oscilloscope and i can solder ... Any help is welcome!
Thanks TOM:-)

Wednesday 27th July 2011
BER (lisbon)

For infos etc. about Newbrain:

Thursday 30th September 2010
ATV Shineray (Bulgaria)
ATV Shineray

I found a HQ picture

Monday 12th July 2010
Jon (UK)

I still have LOADS of New Brain gear. It was a truely fantastic system. I have the Serial I/O V24 adapter - as far as I know never actually put into production! 8 V24 ports, parallel printer and parallel I/O. Another very special item is the Expansion Interface Module that included multiple parallel ports as well as analogue I/O and a very crude sound device port. I modified New Brains to use 3.5" fdd''s and added the missing ports to the EIM that were never installed in production. A Paris-based micro club added hi-res colour graphics and a standard bus-based expansion system.

A great system!

Saturday 18th October 2008
maxim (Bulgaria)

I can sell you PRAVETZ 8c. Its a relic, one of the first computers. With monitor and 5 1/4 discet device. for only 300 euro

Tuesday 19th June 2007
Stefano Bodrato (Italy)

All, I've been fascinated by this machine, so, basing on the informations found on the dutch user group I've extended the Z88DK compiler to support it.
If you are willing to port small C programs to the Grundy Newbrain, give it a try:

Thursday 26th February 2004
Ben Jennings (Britian)

I have a Grundy new brain model AD but I don't have the wire that connects it to the tape recorder so I have to write programs down on paper it would be good if someone would post on this message board where to get one.

Saturday 1st November 2003
Martin Bensley  (Hamburg, Germany)

Has anyone got a New Brain they would be willing to sell me. My father used to work for New Brain in Cambridge but a few years ago he threw away his New Brain by mistake - terrible I know but these things do happen. I would love to own a New Brain for old times sake. Can anyone help please, regards Martin Bensley, Hamburg Germany

Thursday 9th October 2003
infernokis (norway)

Grundy makes television-sets and tv-programs in the U.K

Monday 13rd January 2003
Dr. Ron Amir (Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel)

I work with a newbrain computer (model AD) to command a stepper (micromanipulator). I have a mechanical problem with the stepper. No manufacturer name is written on the stepper. The only thing written is "west Germany". Does anybody know who should I contact regarding my stepper problem? Does Grundy, the company behind newbrain still exist?

Friday 29th November 2002
Ronny Jacobs (Nederland, The Netherlands)

I also have a New Brain computer, unfortunatly without a powersupply. It would be nice if someone
could mail me the voltages that this nice computer
needs te be reborn....

Thursday 30th May 2002
Voyager (Athens Greece)

Does anybody knows any links or FAQs on the Newbrain? Any emulators?

Friday 3rd May 2002
Pere Batlle i Izard (Mollet del Valles /Barcelona/Catalunya/Spain)

I've got one.
During the years I used I was the president in Spain of a Users club, we edited 2 numbers of our journal. I have some 5 1/4 disk and K7 with software and many documentation manuals

Saturday 20th April 2002
George (Athens/Greece)
Voyager' infamous collection

Very nice micro. Does anyone knows if the 2MegaBytes memory expansion was ever released?

Friday 15th February 2002
raf (Hellas (Greece))

I've got one. Some guys gave it to me without understanding what exactly it is. Unfortunately i have no any documentation about it. The set contains the pc, 3 or 4 connecting cables, transformator. It seems that works.
If someone has some (electronic) documentation or instructions and feels to be a very kind person, please, send me something.

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