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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Atari  MEGA STe computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 22nd April 2011
Malcolm Ramage (United Kingdon)
Atari Music Network

The Mega STE was the fastest released official ST from Atari and included the VME bus from the TT030. The bottom of the range Mega STE 1MB machine had an optional SCSI drive, though all other machines in the range came with SCSI as standard (At least here in the UK). The maximum official RAM capacity was the same as the rest of the ST range at 4MB, though there were upgrades available from 3rd parties that took advantage of the 68000 address bus, allowing for up to 16MB to be added.

AtariFreakz have a range of mega STE and TT keyboards available and have them on their eBay shop, also 16/32 systems also sometimes carry spares.

The Mega STE makes an excellent MIDI sequencer, and the LAN port can make use of early Apple Macintosh MIDI interfaces, so long as you are using Cubase and the latest version of MROS.

The Mega STE is also the only one of Atari''s ''Professional'' range of computers to have a TV modulator on the back, allowing it to be used if a monitor is not available.

Saturday 6th July 2013
Jan Thomas

The internal SCSI drive inside was actually connected to an ACSI$SCSI converter card, as the motherboard had only an ACSI controller. The ACSI-SCSI card only supports a maximum of 1GB hard drives, without modification.

Friday 2nd September 2011
Shredder11 (United Kingdom)

My Mega STE does not have the RF port for some unknown reason$ was this later $ped from the computer by Atari? This computer was originally a 2MB RAM / 40MB SCSI machine with a French TOS and keyboard, but it was later upgraded to 4MB / 100MB+ and a 68881 FPU chip. Since I bought it, I have turned the keyboard into a UK layout and I am in the process of replacing the floppy drive and TOS chips.

This is an excellent computer and pretty fast when optimised with the right software. It also has great looks.

Saturday 21st May 2011
Malcolm Ramage (United Kingdom)
Atari Music Network

Just noticed an error above. The Mega STE was not the only Atari machine to have the AppleTalk (Or RS432) port, the TT030 was the first machine to have it and the Falcon also has one. In fact with the LAN.DRV driver in the Cubase MROS folder, Cubase on Atari can use a number of Apple MIDI interfaces for Macs!

Saturday 8th March 2008
Alex (Germany)

My uncle still has an Atari Mega STE, it still works pretty well, he's also got a 5 1/4 floppy drive and a printer for it.

Thursday 3rd May 2007
Jeff Stenett (USA)

I still have one of the first Mega STe's...still hooked up, works fine, though not in use.

I paid between $1100-1300 for it (don't remember...long time ago!), with 4 MEG of RAM, which I immediately upgraded to 8 MEG. It did NOT come with an IDE hard drive, as your data reflects, and I don't remember any of them coming with IDE, that was the later TT....mine came with a Seagate 20gig SCSI drive, 3.5"x1" form-factor, which I still have, and which still works fine ! :). Since mine was one of the first Mega STe's, in also did not come with a 1.44 floppy, mine was only 720, so I bought an after-market 1.44 meg HD floppy for it. My primary use for it was MIDI control of synthesizers and a drum machine, and loudspeaker design using the original version of MacSpeakerz, which was sold through the Carvin guitar/amp company of California, U.S.

Friday 31st October 2003
Max (California)

I found one of these with a buncha music editing equipment! Could any of you tell me how to set it up? Oh, and there is no monitor. Can I hook it up to a TV via that one output on it?

Saturday 11th October 2003
pedro (portugal)

i want to buy a atari mega ste to use as a midi sequencer.this is the best atari for that?
if any one have one to sell ,contact me.

Tuesday 14th May 2002
pod (australia)

my mega st keyboard is broken (although the mouse still works)does anyone have any suggestions/info on a suitable replacement or any technical info on the keyboard or know of a good link to help me??????? please help me!!it's driving me insane.

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