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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Triumph Adler  TA-1600 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 27th June 2017

According to this valuable page:

$ 1982 $ TA 1600 SERIES 10 20 30 $ COMPUTER 1-16 USERS, 64 - 256 KB, TI-990 SERIES WITH TMS-9900 PROCESSOR $
$ 1984 $ TA 1600 SERIES 25 35 38 $ COMPUTER 1-16 USERS, 256 - 2048 KB, TTI-990 SERIES WITH TMS-9900 PROCESSOR $

Sunday 13rd November 2016
Balazs Csizmazia (Hungary)

Around 1985 I had been working on a TA1630 machine which had an operating system called TAXO (Triumph Adler Extended Operating system) on it. It was a TI990 look-like minicomputer, we developed COBOL applications with a text editor called TED (I have rewritten it on UNIX/TANIX/Xenix machines later to be used by the customers using TA1630).

Saturday 28th July 2012
Petra (Germany)

In the early 1980s I was Sales Assistant and Customer Supporter for the TA 1600 Series. As I remember, the 1600-10 had 2 Floppies 5 1/4 inch, the -20 2 Floppies 8 inch and the -30 1 8 inch Floppy plus Winchester drive 40 Mb. There still are some manuals and booting Floppies with "JDL" Job Description Language at my home office $)

Thursday 26th July 2012
Mike Borshell (UK)

I was the UK Sales and Marketing Manager for TA Computers in the 1980s. There were 3 models:
The TA1600-10, TA1600-20 and TA1600-30. The 1600-10 had 2 floppies(8inch) and the 1600-20 a winchester drive 20Mb I seem to remember. These 2 models were single user and in the UK we had the BOS operating system and business applications ported to them. The 1600-30 was based on the TI990 mini computer processor and was a multi user rack mount system that used a TA version of the Texas Instruments mini computer operating system.

Sunday 4th December 2011
Michael Titgemeyer (Germany)

The system was absed on a TI9900 processor, the keyboard, was, as far as I remember, with mechanical switches

Friday 20th August 2010

that is a cool looking system i like how the monitor is sunk into the unit

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