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C > COMPAQ > Portable 386


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Compaq Portable 386 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 21st October 2012
Gerhard Polster (Vienna, Austria)
freakedenough Legacy Page

If you need the BIOS/Boot-disc for this Computer, search Google for (includes sp0308.exe, 3,5" 720k disc image) or (includes sp0316.exe, 5,25" 360k disc image).

Works for:

Saturday 1st September 2012
David  (USA)

I am looking for a bootable 5.25” diagnostic disk, also a disk with the bootable 5.25” MS – DOS 3.3 this is for a Compaq 386 portable 2670 I am doing a school project and don’t have a lot to spend but I am willing to pay reasonable compensation.

Tuesday 31st July 2012
Christopher Havel (US - North Carolina)

Kerry Dunn, if you see this, please send me an email. laserhawk64-NOSPAM $at$ gmail $dot$ com $ take out the -NOSPAM.

I''m interested in your compaq, but I don''t have much money.


Thursday 10th May 2012
Ev (BC Canada)

Looking for a boot disc for the Compac 386.
It was working fine but is now asking for a boot disc.
Any suggestions?

Friday 6th January 2012
Kerry Dunn (US - Pennsylvania )

If anyone is interested in one still in working order, I have one that boots and has the keyboard. unsure of the value but one in wroking order was going for $500 on ebay. Obviosuly with no use for it I would not ask that much. Send me an offer.

Friday 6th January 2012
Kerry Dunn (US - Pennsylvania )

If anyone is interested in one still in working order, I have one that boots and has the keyboard. unsure of the value but one in wroking order was going for $500 on ebay. Obviosuly with no use for it I would not ask that much. Send me an offer.

Saturday 25th June 2011
Bobr (Czech)

Hi, please there is no info on HP. Can I download service manual etc from somewhere ? I have 386 machine on 20 MHz Compaq Portable.....

Wednesday 26th January 2011

I have several of these and they still work. I used to run a BBS of of them. I alternated between the Compaq units and my Commodores.


Sunday 28th November 2010

I picked up on of these last week and just finished resurrecting it. Works great! Thanks for the diagnostic disks!

Wednesday 3rd November 2010
John Mahoney (Minneapolis)

Thanks for posting the diagnostic disk! I have one of these machines, and it is a very unique part of my collection.

Monday 20th August 2007
Jonathan Roberts (USA)

I ran AutoCAD on one of these in the late '80s/early '90s as a jobbing engineering contractor. The spec I ran included 2MB RAM, 40MB disk, Maths Co-processor, extansion box with graphics card and an additional 17" monitor. It ran faultlessly apart from the C-pro coming loose in its socket once.

Friday 2nd June 2006
Good Ol' Dave (USA)

Back in the 80's I was a repair technician for MicroAge, and we sold and serviced this PC. I recall that although the service panel was in the rear, the screws holding the power supply was attached to the computer chassis at the front, behind the integral monitor where you couldn't get at them. To remove the power supply a clueless Compaq technician rudely notified us that we needed to buy a specialized (and expensive) tool to remove the integral monitor first before we could remove the power supply. We figured out that there was enough space between the computer chassis and the rear of the monitor to insert a pair of pliers, with which we could slowly undo the seating screws. This was probably the last time in history that service technicians knew more about how to service computers than the manufacturers did.

Monday 30th May 2005
Richard Hogue (USA)

I carried one of these for years on end. The LCD screen often failed but an external color CRT could be connected. The first one I had was a 286 8Mhz or 16Mhz and later a 386DX at 40Mhz. I used it to connect through a the serial port to Industrial Programmable Controllers called PLC's. The system supported MSDOS 6.22 and Win 3.11 for Workgroups. I even may still have one somewhere on my stored in my brother's barn. The neat thing was you could install many standard AT motherboards as I was responsible for repairing other engineers systems. I think in the end I hand one modified using a 486 100Mhz system board. They all had a actual 5 1/4 drive bay that could support support many types of IDE hard drives of the time. Also there were two bays so I could have a 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch floppy drives. The power supply was solid and as long as the box was blown out once a year, it would hold up very well It was actually very realiable and ruged. Of course in time laptops and notebooks would evolve and become much more practical. I have not yet seen a laptop that could take the physical abuse these units took year after year.

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