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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  CBM 80xx computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 17th December 2016
Peter Singleton (UK)

We used these very seriously at a insurance company, Albany Life, where we had these as standard for word-processing (using WordCraft) across the company at about 20 different branches around the UK. Used BASIC programs as well as Visicalc to do a lot of finanical modelling, so much so that we got Wordcraft to develop a micro-mainframe link so that we could transfer data from mainframe into our financial modelling systems. Was much quicker $ more cost-effective than trying to get things done through mainframe systems. Eventually moved to PCs, but loved teh simplicity and flexibility of the Commodore PETs

Tuesday 5th May 2015
Jim Amos (Denver, CO USA)

Granville Kirkup in England created a camera repair shop application on the 8032, using the dual 500K floppy drive unit for storage. I bought a system from him and used it for many years to run my shop. It would hold data for about 2,000 repairs. There was nothing like it at the time. He also did a simple payroll tax program. The Leica camera company in Germany developed a camera shutter speed tester using an 80XX as the output device.

Friday 22nd October 2010
Jonno (Yorkshire, England)

I learned to program on one of these in school when I was 15 and I loved it. Only had a tape deck though so very slow. My friend had a BIG program he wrote and it would take most of a lesson to load it! Because of this lots of people preferred the timeshare teleprinter terminal linked to our local council''s mainframe as it had instant save/load times.

Thursday 7th October 2010
Ernie Jacob, Jr. (Switzerland)
Jacob Technology and Information

I used a CBM 8032 combined with 2 px. 8296 FDD Floppy Disk Stations to manage my 20''000+ Customer Database and it worked, at least, most of the time, quite well.

From my point of view, the 8032 was the first real Consumer Computer packed into a very strong case and looking like a real Computer...


Wednesday 1st September 2010
Dave Lea (UK)

These were an absolute nightmare to work on, when spares started to dry up, you could only tackle on with an ociliscope, an avo meter and soldering iron along with your box of bits! Good memories though, but it might frighten todays techies a bit

Monday 27th April 2009

In contrast to Ben''s experience, I think to remember that it actually was possible to read C64 tapes on a Pet. Our school had a room full of Pets, and a friend and me used to write BASIC programs at home with a C64 and then load them into the Pet the next day. You needed a series of Pokes for the tape to load properly though.

Friday 21st March 2008
Peter Husrt (UK)

I used Commodore PET's at college in the early eighties. I remeber how fast they seemed compared to my ZX81 at home and the robustness, no more gentle typing in case the rampack wobbled!

I was always impressed at the design and the way the case opened like a car bonnet to gain access to the motherboard.

Tuesday 17th October 2006
Skel (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Take a close look at the C-64's User Manual for the 1541 disk drive. As was mentioned in the PET profile, the Tapes from the 80xx could be read by the C-64. Likewise, the 1541 disk drive used the Pet 40xx & 80xx disk format system allowing it to read the old PET formatted diskettes BUT NOT WRITE to them. It wasn't just tapes that could be read, but diskettes as well. Indeed, several diskette programming instructions in the Commodore 64 Basic V2 such as the save procedure "s0:" and "Duplicate" (completely useless on the 1541's single disk system) were hold-overs from as far back as the first PET disk drive systems.

Sunday 12th December 2004
Rich (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

I have one of these, but it doesn't power up. Any suggestions on how to diagnose/repair the problem? The fuse is fine, so it seems like it must be the power supply. Thanks!

Monday 14th October 2002
stefan (sweden)

I have one of these.Buyer mail me.

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