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C > COMMODORE  > SX/DX 64 - Executive computer

SX/DX 64 - Executive computer

Windows emulatorCCS64

The best C64 emulator for the PC

Windows emulatorFree64

A Freeware emulator for MS DOS

Windows emulatorMESS

This fantastic emulator can emulate the mlost of the 8-bit Commodore systems

Windows emulatorWin 64

The Best C64 Emulator for Win95 / WinNT

Windows emulatorWin64

Good Commodore 64 for Windows

Apple emulatorMac Frodo

The MAC OS version of Frodo, one of the best C64 Emulator

Apple emulatorPower 64

Emulator for PPC Macintoshes

Apple emulatorSID PLay

A player for C64 Musics

Unix / Linux emulatorccs

C64 emulator for Unix

Amiga OS emulatorFrodo for Amiga OS

The best C64 Emulator for Amiga

Amiga OS emulatorVICE for Amiga OS4

This AmigaOS4 version is ported by Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund

Other platform

C64 online emulator. Play favorite games in your browser!

Other platform emulatorC-ONE

Hardware emulator (re-configurable computer)

Other platform emulatorFrodo for PalmOS

Frodo for PalmOS

Other platform emulatorVICE

Emulates the C64, C128, VIC20, all the PET models and the CBM-II under Unix, MS-DOS, Win95/NT, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS or BeOS !!

Other platform emulatorWeb C64

The 64 as a Java applet in your Browser. Excellent !

OS2 emulatorC=64 Emulator for OS/2 Full Screen

Freeware emulator for OS/2

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