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A > ATARI  > 7800 ProSystem   

7800 ProSystem

The Atari 7800 ProSystem was originally scheduled for release in late 1984, as the follow-up to Atari’s misguided 5200 SuperSystem, but didn’t see release until 1986, when it retailed for approximately $140 (USA). Instead of competing with comparatively weaker systems like the 5200 and Coleco’s ColecoVision, the later release date for the 7800 brought direct competition from the more robust Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), released in late 1985, and the Sega Master System (SMS), which, like the ProSystem, was released in 1986.

In late 1984, despite having had successful showings at trade events, an extensive and enthusiastic preview in one of the top video and computer game magazines of the day (Electronic Games), retail orders already taken, and warehouses full of stock, Atari management decided to shelve the system and its launch games in favor of their computer line when it became apparent to them - and seemingly everyone else in the industry - that the videogame depression had become an irreversible crash. Also put on the shelf was a redesigned Atari 2600 (VCS), dubbed the Atari 2600jr, due to its diminutive size. These moves have often been criticized in hindsight, but for those around at the time, it was clear that videogames were being supplanted by low cost and powerful personal computers as the more flexible game machines of choice, and a game system in the traditional sense simply wouldn’t be financially sustainable.

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"Uhh, not much to say about this thing, one question, do you acually need to connect this to a computer or something cause i dont know where to connect the rf or w/e"

should be the same as the Atari 2600 games/tv switch...

Saturday 18th April 2009

Well, the European version has a special audio & video output connector -> scart connector. I guess the US version has also a audio & video output.

Tuesday 9th August 2005
Olivier (Earth)

Uhh, not much to say about this thing, one question, do you acually need to connect this to a computer or something cause i dont know where to connect the rf or w/e

Monday 8th August 2005
Deadman101 (US)


NAME  7800 ProSystem
YEAR  1984, 1986 (full launch)
BUILT IN SOFTWARE / GAMES  Pole Position II (USA) - cartridge; Asteroids (Europe) – in system memory; 32-in-1 (Australia and New Zealand) - cartridge
CONTROLLERS  1 detachable joystick with 2 fire buttons (USA); 2 detachable controllers including a pad and 2 fire buttons each (Europe)
CPU  6502c (custom, not 65C02)
SPEED  1.79 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR  TIA (sound chip), Maria (graphics), Riot (I/O)
GRAPHIC MODES  320 x 200
COLORS  16 hues, 8 luminances each, 128 colors. 256 colors possible, 16 on screen at once.
SOUND  2 channels; POKEY sound chip option in cartridges (for additional or replacement 4 channels)
I/O PORTS  RF TV video output, 2 x controller ports, expansion port (not on all system revisions)
MEDIA  Cartridge, 32 KB Maximum
NUMBER OF GAMES  Over 65 cartridges, plus most 2600 VCS cartridges
POWER SUPPLY  External power supply unit, 9v DC 1A
PERIPHERALS  All Atari 2600 peripherals; Atari XEGS Model XG-1 Light Gun; Unreleased: Keyboard (which would allow use of Atari 8-bit computer peripherals, but not software), High Score Cartridge, Dual Controller Holder and 5200 Compatibility Module

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