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A > ATARI  > 5200 SuperSystem   

5200 SuperSystem

The Atari 5200 SuperSystem, released in late 1982 for $270 (USA), was the direct follow-up to the highly successful Atari 2600 (VCS), and predecessor of the Atari 7800 ProSystem. Atari chose to design the 5200 around technology used in their popular Atari 400/800 8-bit computer line, but was not directly compatible, unlike Atari’s much later pastel-colored XEGS (XE Game System) console. The similarities in hardware did allow for relatively easy game conversions between the two systems, however, particularly when porting from the computer line to the 5200.

The Atari 5200, as designed, was more powerful than Mattel’s Intellivision and roughly equivalent to Coleco’s ColecoVision, both of which were the 2600’s main competition at the time and the systems Atari had to target in order to remain technologically competitive in the console marketplace. Besides the unusually large size of the 5200 console, the controversial automatic RF switch box (incompatible with many televisions of the day without the included extra adapter) that also supplied power to the system and the innovation of four controller ports (the Atari 800 computer also featured four controller ports), the most notable feature of the system was the inclusion of analog joysticks, which to the frustration of most gamers were fragile and did not self center, but had a keypad that accepted overlays and featured one of the first pause buttons. Part of the 5200’s girth accommodated storage for these controllers to the rear of the console, as well as a wire wrap underneath.


Text and info by Bill Loguidice

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The Masterplay 5200 Interface:

This is THE device to have for any collector or die-hard gamer. The handy plug-in unit allows 5200 owners to replace the system''s analog joystick with any number of 2600-compatible, digital joysticks. In addition, the Interface features a slide switch so that a digital joystick can be used in either a remote ''start'' mode or a ''fire'' model depending upon the game. A second slide switch lets you keep the unit permanently connected to the console so that the analog controller functions, including the use of the keyboard portion by itself, can be accomplished simply and easily. The Masterplay Interface originally came packaged with a second fire button for games that require it. This button can either be taped or velcroed to the 2600-compatible controller.

Saturday 18th April 2009
Atari 5200 FAQ

*I mis-spelled Google*

Saturday 18th April 2009

The power adapter depends on which version of the 5200 you have. If your system has 4 controller ports on it, the adapter and RF Switch are in the same unit (sparks fly when connecting the power source by the way).
The other works like the 2600 switch and has 2 controller ports.

as for the 4 port 5200 go here

or here

or if you want to see it actually hooked up in a video use gogle and look up "AVGN Atari 5200"

Saturday 18th April 2009
walmartcartpusher (Ohio, US)


NAME  5200 SuperSystem
YEAR  Summer 1982
KEYBOARD  Model Atari CX52 Joystick: Analog (360 Degrees of Motion); Four Fire Buttons (two on each side); 12 Button Keypad that Accepts Overlays; and Start, Pause and Reset Buttons
CPU  6502C (8-bit)
SPEED  1.79 MHz
ROM  64 KB Maximum
GRAPHIC MODES  320 x 192
COLORS  256 Color Palette, 16 on-screen
SOUND  4 Channels
I/O PORTS  Four or Two Controller Ports Depending on System Model, Cartidge slot, Audio/Video output
BUILT IN MEDIA  Cartridge, 32K Maximum
OS  Over 75, including prototypes
POWER SUPPLY  Four port models : 11.5VDC @ 1.95A
Two port models : 9.3VDC @ 1.95A
PERIPHERALS  Atari 2600 CX55 VCS Cartridge Adapter; CX53 Trak-Ball Controller
PRICE  $270 (USA, summer 1982)

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