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Cellatron 8205

In 1963, engineers at the Institut für Maschinelle Rechentechnik (institute for machine computation technology) in Dresden, GDR (ex-Eastern Germany) finished the D4a. The D4a had been developed on the basis of the Kleinrechenautomat Dresden 1 (D1) from 1956. The system was then manufactured by the VEB Büromaschinenwerk Zella-Mehlis in three versions, under the name Cellatron 8201, 8205, and 8295 Z. About 3000 exemplars were produced. The D4a is seen as the first PC of the GDR.

By the way, VEB is short for Volkseigener Betrieb and means as much as "factory belonging to the people".

The C 8205 central unit was comprised of the Leitwerk (instruction counter, instruction register, and address decoder), the Rechenwerk (accumulator and math operations), and the Trommelspeicher (magnetic drum memory). The former two subsystems were realised as discrete circuits including approximately 400 transistors and 2000 diodes.

Working memory was realised with a magnetic drum memory providing 4096 words of 33 bits. Moreover, the system was comprised of a command desk with keyboard, lamp array for displaying operational states, switches for locking certain tracks of the drum memory, two paper tape readers and one puncher, and a typewriter-like printer. It needed about 9 sqm space in an air conditioned and noise insulated room. Power consumption was 1500 VA.

The system could be programmed in pure machine code, or in interpreted pseudo-code using a program called GIPS I, Gleitkomma-Interpretationssystem einfacher Wortlänge, i.e. floating point interpretation system with single word length. It simulates floating point arithmetics as well as a number of pseudo data registers. The GIPS I interpreter had to be read into memory before use.

Moreover, it was possible to program the system in PS 2, which probably meant programming language 2. It was developed by VEB engineers. This language implemented various data types, mathematical operations, I/O commands, and control statements equivalent to GOTO, IF...THEN GOTO, labels, subroutines, and FOR-loops. The source program had first to be punched on paper tape, and then compiled. As the PS 2 compiler occupied the complete memory, the resulting object code (in GIPS I format) was immediately punched out on paper tape. After that, the object code could be read and run with the GIPS I interpreter in memory.

The picture shows the C 8205 model.

Thanks to Roman von Wartburg and his site for information and pictures.

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Sistem de operare GIPS , cu Registri , AK , BZ , RK.

Viteza de lucru 2000 operatii pe secunda , foarte rapid pentru anii 70 .

Friday 24th April 2020

Usually came in colors of grey and black. Very rarely white.

Tuesday 23rd September 2008
Joidan Romes


NAME  Cellatron 8205
MANUFACTURER  Büromaschinenwerke Zella-Mehlis
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  Germany
YEAR  1963
KEYBOARD  Primary keyboard
CPU  Discrete components
SPEED  Unknown
RAM  4096 x 33 bits on magnetic drum memory
ROM  None
TEXT MODES  No display but lamp array
SIZE / WEIGHT  required space: approx. 9 square meters
BUILT IN MEDIA  2 paper tape punchers, 1 paper tape reader
POWER SUPPLY  1500 VA power consumption
PRICE  Unknown

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