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Tuesday 12th November 2002
Mark (Conshohocken PA)
30 years of games.

Besides being a video gamer and computer person for the last 30 years I'm also the senior volunteer for A Philadelphia area project that takes old computers (ok 486/p1's:) and fixes them for local families. We have a warehouse filled with computer parts and still have some old stuff put away just waiting for someone to want it. Like the 50 MAC se/30's and Classics. We even have some CBM and PET machines. Any computer collectors in the Philly area check out and come volunteer some time. And check out my website for my own 30 year old collection. Take care Mark

Tuesday 5th November 2002
Eddie (Lake District, England)

This site is great for me doing a piece of GCSE coursework on the development of a certain piece of technology in D&T.

Tuesday 5th November 2002
george sauciuc (romania)

it is a nice site. i recomandeted to all my friends. it is great!!!

Sunday 27th October 2002
James Domagalski (Traverse City, Michigan, USA)

I enjoy seeing all of the old computers. My first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 1000 followed by at TS2068, which I still have in the box with the TS thermal printer. Great site!

Wednesday 23rd October 2002
Walter Lojek (Germany)
My ATARI 8-Bit Homepage

Wow - you put togethers tons of information. It's good to see that and hopefully it will increase properly and provide a nearly complete archive in the future. Well done so far, keep on going ... Walter

Sunday 29th September 2002
Peter from FCK (Germany)
Hobbyfussball-Verein FCK

Just surfing. A wise man will always change his mind . . a fool never will

Friday 27th September 2002
Bruce Tipton (Seattle area)

I put together a Digital Group kit, a z-80, in 1974. Still have it and it still runs. 1 meghz, 2K memory (later juryrigged in 64K). It booted up from an audio caset (later juryrigged to an E2Prom) and has four PHI-Decks (high speed tape cassets) for storage. Still have all the original company propaganda and manuals.

Tuesday 24th September 2002
Andrew Downs (USA, Virginia)

This page is amazing....great job with the site. I own my share of oldness, an 8088 (compaq PRO) it has two 5.25 drives with a St-412 drive in there...I can not for the life of me get any of my MFM stuff to work correctly..oh well...My first computer was a Mac LC in 1991 (500Mb hard drive with disk doubler) and one 3.5 floppy drive, it ofcourse had on-board scsi 1...11 years later it's still fully working....even after dismantling the hard drive.....stong machine. I have quite a collection but nothing like this ofcourse. Some of my own highlights are: *the 8088 *my 150 pound modem *my hordes of 3/486s *more dos stuff than I can count. I also own some newer RISC systems that are server replacement boards made by HP in 1997 I think....They seem to be ATX (which I loathe; AT forever) they don't want to turn all...I have no idea what the deal with those is. Right now I'm running a 233mhz penitum 1 with 64 Mb ram, win98 (I make it stable) it has a hotswap bay, cd rom, 5.25 and 3.5 floppy drives and one internal fixed 360mb hard drive for the OS. Plus the SB16 sound card, and the S3 Virge (4MB) video card, this system is built for, Doom, Descent, and Quake. I have ordered a Pentium 3 "workstation" by Epox and that I'll use for number pumping and and chaging the descent engine to be fully reverted to Flat polygon modes. Once again, great site.

Friday 13rd September 2002
Frans Hens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Flight Jacket Central

Wow, old memories creeping back. My first computer was a ZX-80, last year I traded one back, just for the nostalgia. After that a VIC-20 and an Apple ][ Europlus and after that PC's all the way. Great site!

Friday 13rd September 2002
Jeffrey Owen (Portland Oregon USA)

I have kept a TIM (Terminal Interface Monitor) which was MOS Technology Inc's build-it-yourself 6502 development system before the KIM-1. From the guys at 950 Rittenhouse Road, Norristown, Pennsylvania, you got a MCS6502, a MCS6530-004 (1k TIM monitor program in ROM), and a manual (15 sheets of 11x17 folded & stapled in the middle), containing a suggested schematic, the TIM monitor commands, and listing, etc. Initially, I bought a KIM-1 (sn285), later buying the TIM to build a small development system including a 2708 PROM burner (ZIF socket outside box), and a three position switch selecting the memory map presented after reset: - ROM the TIM monitor, as planned by MOS T. - RAM the code being developed (burn in 2708 when done) - EPROM my code in 2708, (PROM burner & utility subr's) The MOS Technology chips which I have are all (except one) white ceramic with gold plated pins MCS6502 0976 first version, no ROR instruction MCS6502 5076 i believe this has the ROR MCS6530-004 3576 TIM in gray ceramic gold pins MCS6532 3776 RAM, I/O, timer (qty 2) Does anyone else have a TIM ??

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