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- Monday 4th July -
Canon CX-1 brochure 
- Wednesday 8th June -
Hanimex HMG-7900 doc added 
- Monday 16th May -
ORB Computer 
- Saturday 7th May -
New Atari Falcon Microbox pictures 
- Tuesday 19th April -
Midwest Scientific Instruments catalog from 1977 
- Friday 25th March -
Pizon Bros Visiomatic 101 testimony 
- Saturday 19th March -
Jacquard Systems 
- Thursday 17th February -
Atari System Reference Manual doc 
- Tuesday 15th February -
Memotech MTX Technical Specification  
- Monday 14th February -
SHG Blackpoint console updated 
- Monday 7th February -
Commodore LCD page updated 
- Friday 17th December -
Sharp PC-1250 Application Software Program Examples doc 
- Friday 26th November -
Philips Tele-Spiel ES-2201 User Documentation 
- Monday 15th November -
Casio PB-700 manual online 
- Monday 15th November -
IMLAC PDS-1D documentation online 
- Friday 5th November -
Panasonic JR-100U Operating Instructions manual 
- Monday 22nd February -
BRD Dolphin official brochure 
- Wednesday 10th February -
Olivetti ETS-1010 updated 
- Thursday 21st January -
Olivetti Programma 101 doc 
- Tuesday 12th May -
IBM PS/1 Hardware Service Manual 
- Tuesday 28th April -
BASF 7120 Basic Manual 
- Saturday 4th April -
Exxon 500 series description updated 

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More systems in the museum
A more sophisticated collectors section
An auction/classified service
More history content
A better website design
More documentation for download


Welcome to, the most popular website for old computers.
Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have.


Motorola MEK-6802 computer user's manual MOTOROLA MEK-6802 COMPUTER USER'S MANUAL (7/9/2011)
Thanks to, you can now read/download the user manual of the Motorola MEK-6802.
Canon CX-1 brochure CANON CX-1 BROCHURE (7/4/2011)
Thanks to Mike Griffin, the Canon CX-1 brochure is now available for reading.
Atari 520 ST owner's manual ATARI 520 ST OWNER'S MANUAL (5/16/2011)
Thanks to Daves Old Computers website, we propose you the Atari 520 ST owner's manual, available via an online flash reader, or for download on Dave's website.
Peter Gebler, inventor of the Star Chess game, tell us the whole story. PETER GEBLER, INVENTOR OF THE STAR CHESS GAME, TELL US THE WHOLE STORY. (5/7/2011)
Peter Gebler, inventor of the mythic Star Chess game, sent us a mail to tell us the whole story about this obscure game and Videomaster Star Chess system. Read the first comment below the description of the system.
Seequa Chameleon User's Manual SEEQUA CHAMELEON USER'S MANUAL (4/18/2011)
Thanks to Ryan Morrison who have scanned 160 pages of his seequa chameleon manual, the document is now available to all of you. Ryan scanned the manual page by page for 5 hours on a flatbed scanner, turned them into a pdf, uploaded it to and then contacted us! A great example of old computer information preservation act.
Leanord Silex LEANORD SILEX (4/9/2011)
Little is known about this computer. Help welcomed ! Silex means flint in french, a stone mainly used in prehistoric times as tools and weapons. The SILEX is a professional computer released in 1979 by the french company Leanord. It was conceived from a modified Apple II board. It has a professional keyboard with function keypad and numeric keypad. The display is built-in the system. It is monochrome but has graphic capabilities (280 x 192) and can display 40 x 24 characters (80 x 24 in option).
Sega SC-3000H commercial brochure SEGA SC-3000H COMMERCIAL BROCHURE (4/4/2011)
Thanks to one of our visitor (Kees Enkelaar from Australia), we've put online a flash version of the John Sands commercial brochure. Nice content!
Datapoint phenomenon DATAPOINT PHENOMENON (2/17/2011)
The story of Datapoint is worth reading on our site. But above all, what is even more amazing is how many Datapoint ex-employees went on these pages to leave a message. These insiders have so many fond memories and interesting anecdots to share, it's a pleasure to read. This must be our system page where the most insiders left a message!
Epson HX-20 videos EPSON HX-20 VIDEOS (2/16/2011)
We've added some Epson HX-20 related videos, including a vintage US commercial worth watching.
3D models 3D MODELS (2/12/2011)
Some years ago we had the idea to propose 3D models of some of the systems presented in the museum. But, it was fairly complicated for several reasons, including faulty 3D web plugins... Today, there's Google Sketchup and its 3D warehouse, full of 3D retro models. We have thus included them in the museum, for your enjoyment as usual. If there isn't yet your favorite system, go and play with Sketchup and send us your production!

Sinclair ZX-81 Basic programming manual SINCLAIR ZX-81 BASIC PROGRAMMING MANUAL
The Sinclair ZX-81 Basic programming manual is now available on the ZX-81 page for online reading.

RetroMadrid 2012 // 4-5-6 of May RETROMADRID 2012 // 4-5-6 OF MAY
Don't miss this WE : RetroMadrid 2012. AUIC is proud to announce RetroMadrid 2012, one of the biggest fairs in Europe specifically dedicated to vintage computers, consoles and games, now becoming a festival. The present edition moves its location to “Matadero”, a leading arts centre in Madrid that provides 1,800 square yards to RetroMadrid activities. It will take place on 4-5-6 of May, 2012. Follow the link for more info.

PockEmul is a wonderful emulator. It emulates Sharp Pocket computers with a bunch of expansions in a very visual way. You must try it!

FIGnition: build your own retro computer! FIGNITION: BUILD YOUR OWN RETRO COMPUTER!
FIGnition is an educational DIY computer, based around an Atmel AVR microcontroller. It uses 3 chips and only 46 components to provide a complete self-hosted computer with 8Kb of RAM; 384Kb of storage space; an 8-key keypad and PAL video output. It is interfaced and powered by USB and uses V-USB to provide firmware upgrades by implementing a usbasp device. It runs a variant of FIG-Forth.

Xerox Star 8010 Interfaces, high quality polaroids (1981) XEROX STAR 8010 INTERFACES, HIGH QUALITY POLAROIDS (1981)
The following are scans of high quality polaroid photographs of the screen of the Xerox Star 8010 workstation on its launch in 1981. Some of these photographs show earlier icon development. Great content from Digibarn website!

H.E.R.O. (C-58)
Sega SG-1000 compatible systems
Activision, Sega - 1985
 game - platform
Sharp X1
Activision, System Soft - year unknown
 game - mind games - shanghai
SD-2xx systems
SEL - 1982
 game -
Midway, Namco - 1980
 game - eat them all - maze - pac-man
Sega SG-1000 compatible systems
Sega - 1984
 game - mahjong - mind games
Atari Lynx
Atari - 1992
 game - beat 'em up - platform - police
Atari Jaguar compatible systems
Atari (publisher), Teque (music & sound effects), Virtual Studios (developer) - 1994
 game - skiing - snowboarding

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