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Table Tennis  

This is the first table tennis video game ever, and also the first tennis game, and also the first pong game, etc... This is clearly the beginning of video games. This game also inspired Nolan Bushnell (later President of ATARI) to copy this game and produce his own version: Pong. The rest is history...

No score displayed on the screen here, you have to count yourself.

The game itself is pretty basic, but the Odyssey had something quite interesting: the English control. Indeed, in addition to vertical and horizontal movements, the Odyssey controlers featured an English control knob, a kind of spin effect controled by the player. This made Table Tennis and most of the Odyssey games more interesting than they look.


    Table Tennis inspired Pong (*multiple ports*)
    Table Tennis was inspired by Pong (*multiple ports*)




 Chronogamer's blog - review of the game

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year of release 1972
companies Magnavox
type game
media cartridge
systems Magnavox Odyssey
number of players 2 players (versus)
staff Ralph Baer, Bill Harrison, Bill Rusch
tags ball and paddle, ping pong, sport, table tennis, tennis

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