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Official adaptation of the Atari arcade hit, Breakout.

Here there are 6 brick rows, 2 red rows, 2 green rows and 2 yellow rows. Red bricks score 7 points, green bricks 4 points and yellow bricks 1 point.

There are 4 options available:
- Option 1: the paddle is regular size, you have seven balls
- Option 2: the paddle is regular size, you have five balls
- Option 3: the paddle is half size, you have five balls
- Option 4: the paddle is half size, you have three balls

The paddle is controled by the big dial on the console


    Breakout inspired Breakaway (SD-2xx systems)
    Breakout inspired Brickdown / Shooting Gallery  (APF MP1000 systems)
    Breakout inspired Pinball Challenge (Fairchild Channel F)
    Breakout is related to Breakthru (Atari Video-Pinball (C380))


    Breakout (1976) for the Arcade


 Chronogamer's blog - Nice review from this excellent blog

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year of release 1977
companies Atari
type game
media built-in system
systems Atari Video-Pinball (C380)
number of players 1 player
staff unknown
tags ball and paddle, breakout

rating is 0rating is 0rating is 0rating is 0rating is 0
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