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Pak Pak Monster  rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3

Pak Pak Monster is undoubtly a Pac-Man clone. But here programmers have changed enough game principles to avoid the lawsuit.

There is only one maze, if one can call this a maze, as it's more like 8 big blocks scattered around a central cross (from where the monsters regenerate themselves).

The main goal is still the same: control your pac-man to eat all the dots (7 small crosses in fact) placed around the maze. Avoid being caught by the monsters (only 2 of them), which are vulnerable for a few seconds after you eat the big pill at the top left of the screen.

In fact, when you eat a cross, it doesn't disappear instantly, it only changes color following this order: green -> purple -> orange. Only when you eat an orange cross will it be eaten for good and dissapear. Of course you can't pass over and over on the same cross. You have to eat another cross before coming back to the first one. This principle cleverly requires the player to move all around the maze constantly. Same rule apply for the special pill.

As in the original game, bonuses sometimes appear in the maze for a limited time (symbolised by a big question mark). Catch them for better score.

Speed of the monsters increases with the levels and on the third level, maze blocks are invisible!

Pak Pak Monster is an original adaptation of the Pac-Man arcade hit. It is well adjusted to the Cassette Vision limited features. However, the main drawback was how the controls are used on the console. The Cassette Vision has no up/down button or joystick, resulting in a awkward way to play the game. This was solved with the Cassette Vision Jr wich includes more practical arrow keys.


    Pak Pak Monster was inspired by Pac-Man (Arcade)


let's start the first level

you must eat all the crosses

when you eat a cross it changes color

only an orange cross can be definately eaten

question mark bonuses randomly appear in the maze

this one was worth 400 points

pass over the big pill to eat the monsters

you've eaten the two monsters!

another question mark bonus!

only one cross left

well done, level 1 completed

let's start level 2

blocks color is different

you've been caught

level 3 - blocks are invisible

only one life left

level 3 completed

level 4

game over


box inlay

box inlay

box - edge

box - back

box inlay - back





documentation (verso)


Pak Pak Monster gameplay video

 Classic Video Game Station Odyssey 2001 - detailed info on Pak Pak Monster

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box inlay

year of release 1981
companies Epoch
type game
media cartridge
systems Epoch Cassette Vision
number of players 1 player
staff unknown
tags eat them all, maze

rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3
The adaptation of this classic arcade hit is quite original and perfectly adapted to the Cassette Vision features. But I''ve never been a fan of pac-man type games, I get bored very quickly and this one is no exception to me.

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