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C > CASIO  > FP 6000

FP 6000

FP-6000 options

FP-6001S : Hi Resolution Monochrome Monitor, 640x400 pixels
FP-6002S : Hi Resolution Color Monitor, 640x400 pixels
n.b. : some low graphic modes are compatible with FP-1000/1100's FP-1004 color monitor (uses the same connector).

Floppy Disk Drive Units (FDD)
FP-6022S-FD : bare drive, 320Kb
FP-6023S-FD2 : 2 x 1.2Mb FDD, 5.25"
FP-6024S-FD2 : 2x1.2Mb FDD, 8"

Hard Disk Drive Units (HDD)
FP-6025S-DK1 : 1 x 10Mb HDD (1st unit)
FP-6026S-DK2 : 1 x 10Mb HDD (2nd unit)
FP-6027S-DK1 : 1 x 20Mb HDD (1st unit)
FP-6028S-DK2 : 1 x 20Mb HDD (2nd unit)

Interface Boards
FP-6032S-RAM : 256Kb board
FP-6035S-DKB : Hard Disk Interface Board
FP-6036S-PIF : Centronics Printer Interface Board
FP-6038S-RS : RS-232C Interface Board
FP-6039S-UB : Universal Board (blank, ready to wire PCB)
FP-6040S-GP : GPIB Interface Board
FP-6041S-VR : 64Kb Video RAM Expansion
FP-6051S : FDD Expansion adapter (to connect 2 FDD units for up to 4 drives)
FP-6052S-MS : Mouse
FP-6053S-PB : 32Kb Printer Buffer RAM Board
FP-6060S-IO : 5-slot expansion cabinet
FP-Conv 6000 : Keyboard conversion kit

FP-6083S-RS : RS-232C Cable
FP-6085S-PRC : Printer Cable

FP-6016 : Dot Matrix Wide Printer (Epson MX-100 OEM)
FP-6017 : Daisywheel Printer (Brother HR-15 OEM)


FP-6000 expansions


Main unit cards


Mouse card


FDD box


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