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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  APPLE II computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 20th August 2016
Régis Schmidt (France)

At the end of the 80''s, I designed a device called "TAO" with a 6502 assembler

Friday 15th August 2014

Wozniak used the last bit in the video processor register to enable colour. Normally you would have needed at least 16kb to get four colours, the Apple would do it with just 4kb.

Unfortuneately, this meant that everything was based on multiples of 7 rather than 8, making it an absolute pig to program and very difficult to connect to the internet.

Monday 6th February 2012
Nate (Ohio, US)

My Chemistry teacher STILL uses it to simulate the effects of acids and bases.

Friday 19th August 2011
Ted (Canada)

My neighbor authored a sound program for this machine that played "Oh Canada" with amazing clarity! I played it in class in high school ( 1980), and my teacher and class were in awe. Somewhere along the way, my Apple II+ failed, ruined the program and prevented me from getting a printout. My neighbor sold his machine over 20 years ago.

Friday 31st December 2010
jayessell (USA)

I had s/n000105.
I did computer animation in 1980s!
See my YouTube and Flickr vids $ pics.
Same user name: jsl151850b
Also... In my Flickr pics.... The simulated leather Apple $$ bag!
Yes... The Apple $$ was a LUGGABLE pc!

Wednesday 8th September 2010
wally (Ohio, US)

When I was in high school, I had my dad for chemistry. He used to use the Apple II in conjunction with his spectrometer for his Chemistry II classes that he taught.

Saturday 24th April 2010
Erik (Australia)

The high school I go to had one of these when I was in 8th grade, until the motherboard went bad, and I was given it for free. Basically, I took it for parts. Also, the Apple II didn''t have a floppy disk drive until 1977, and before that was the 10 or 20 minute loading times off cassette tape. It was a nightmare because the tapes wouldn''t load when the volume and tone controls weren''t set right. It took 10 or 20 times for it to work properly. With the floppy disk, all of that went away, and loading times went down to 20-30 seconds.

Friday 9th January 2009
PoopskinTheLiar (Onett)

You seem to be forgetting the Apple-1, Link.

Thursday 7th December 2006
Henry (USA)
Apple II

Hey I have a MySpace Check it out!

Friday 8th April 2005
Link (Hyrule)

The First PC. The 'microcomputers' that came before it had toggle switches and blinking lights instead of keyboards; the PET and TRS-80 that were its contemporaries were neither as expandable, nor as successful.

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