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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the TIMEX / SINCLAIR 2068 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 13rd September 2019
Norman Flessas (Maryland, USA)

It was my second computer. My first was a Timex 1000. I modified the Commadore''s BASIC so I could run it''s programs on the Timex 1000.

Thursday 13rd September 2018
Ariel (Argentina)

I was my firs computer on May 1984. Sold it in October 1986 for another computer (too 8 bits). Last year I came back to buy again the TS 2068. Today, I have three Timex Sinclair 2068 and the Printer TS-2040.

Thursday 18th April 2013
Clay Bowen (USA)

This was also my first computer, and the first programming language I learned. One-touch BASIC. I remember having to store data on cassette tapes, and never being able to find those solid state programs (other than the ones it came with, CrazyBugs and something else)

Saturday 28th April 2012
RuiG (Portugal)

Hello all.

This was my first computer... if I can call it that.

I should still have it at home, along with hundreds of games, joystick and such.

How much would a collector pay for one of this?


Saturday 21st April 2012
Marco G (Portugal)

My cousin had one of this with a printer. The "emulator" was a cartridge accessible at the right. When the cover was lifted, you could actually swap cartridges and use word processing and other applications.

A couple of games didn''t work, Spectrums came later, or at the same time, and then dominated the scene in Portugal. Compared to the 48k specys, this "clones" where better built and the keyboard was just excellent. The TV converter was also better than the 48k.

Thursday 8th July 2010
Kumbah2006 (USA / Boston area)

For those looking for Spectrum "tapes" or other
goodies, give "World of Spectrum" a spin.

Ah, Crazybugs, cool game - and Androids was
a definite challenge - the memories! :)

WOS has a whole load of nice legal software
for your Speccy or other (related) machine.

Good luck!

Thursday 12th October 2006
Packard (Argentina)

Yeah!! My first computer!!! I'm looking for the Androids or Crazybugs games.. for Spectrum emulators... Anybody has one of them??? Thanks!!

Wednesday 16th June 2004
Petrvs (Argentina)

It is true that was largely sold in Argentina, much more than the Sinclair Spectrum. In fact until the CZ 2000 appeared software for Spectrum was denominated: "software for 2068 with emulator"

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