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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Rockwell  AIM 65 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message! For other purposes like sales messages, hardware & software questions or information requests, please use our main forum.

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Thursday 8th November 2012
Thomas Gutmeier (Austria)

Hi, now you can find a digitized tapeimage of a realtimeclock-program for the AIM 65 on my website (as i found nothing, i typed it in myself ...).
Find the program here:

Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Thomas Gutmeier (Österreich)

Hi, just got an AIM-65 with a load of additional hardware (Video Plus, Memory Plus, Rom Switcher, Eprom Burner, Assembler, Basic and PL/65) and i am on the search for (digitized) programs on tape, Romimages and other cool stuff! Just contact me if you have something. Greetings TOM:-)

Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Thomas Gutmeier (Österreich)

Hi, just got an AIM-65 with a load of additional hardware (Video Plus, Memory Plus, Rom Switcher, Eprom Burner, Assembler, Basic and PL/65) and i am on the search for (digitized) programs on tape, Romimages and other cool stuff! Just contact me if you have something. Greetings TOM:-)

Thursday 15th December 2011
angel (usa)

awesome aim65 computer complete set one owner w 25 manuals and brochures plus! lwg2011 170748927867

Friday 21st October 2011
James (Michigan, United States)

Umm, the +12 and -12 power lines are not required. I believe that they were used for a TTY interface from what I know about old computers like this.

I took a 24V laptop power supply and simply hooked up a 5 volt regulator. Works like a charm.

Wednesday 24th August 2011
DMGross (Philadelphia,PA)

I have an AIM-65 that also came with the external interfacing card rack. You could add circuit boards for specific interfacing needs such as A/D converters but more importantly, ROMs for other languages. I used it for FORTH programming for lab automation.

Wednesday 20th July 2011
Henry (Sweden)

It was the first computer I used for learning. I have just acquired an example for nostalgic reasons. Is there anyone that knows where to find suitable thermal paper? I understand that wrong type of paper may damage the printer.

Tuesday 26th April 2011
James (United States)

I have one of these that I''m hoping to learn assembly on. I''d like to put BASIC on it but I can''t find a BASIC ROM for it. I could burn one but I need the contents of the ROM to burn.

Sunday 10th October 2010
MarTin (Italy)

Hi, I''m living in Italy and I own an AIM-65 too. I can send you binary listing of ROMs. Send me a message at

Tuesday 27th July 2010
Marco (Italy)

I own an AIM-65 but I lose the 2 eprom containing monitor (part no. R 3222-11 R 3223-11). Anybody can make a copy ?

Monday 18th January 2010
Craig Carr (USA)

This was the very first computer that I programmed on around 77-78. I remember my dad would bring it home from work for eproms. And their were different chipsets you could put in for different languages. I used the Basic and the fortran. Bein the geek kid I was , I wrote some simple video games that would appear on the screen but also on the on board thermal printer. The one I remember best was a downhill skiiing game.. where you would avoid the trees.. It used up too much paper to play too long though.. It was fun writing and playing the game in "real" time on the printer.

Tuesday 28th October 2008
Harry Dodgson (USA)

Just found this page - to use the Forth Math ROM, just use "N" and it will load the words into the dictionary. VLIST will show them. I don''t have any documenation, but looking most of the routines can be determined from the names.

Saturday 11th November 2006
Juan Jerez (Spain)

I own an AIM-64 with the Forth ROM's includding the floating point extenxions. Does anybody have the manual for the floating point ext. or know how to use the floating point words ?

Thursday 19th October 2006
sera (greece)

I need to know what is the main route from the time a enter a command till the printing function.
Is there anyplace a can find something like this ?

Friday 24th February 2006
Rob Burton (Cleveland, OH)

In roughly '78-79 we purchased one of these to develop software for KIM-1-based motion control systems used to control animation and special effects cameras - all written in assemby. I still have one complete with snazzy plastic case.

Thursday 7th April 2005
Képes Gábor (Hungary)


I know a Spanish version (son) of AIM, the DRAC-1 by Comelta S.A.

The motherboard of this machine is a Rockwell R6500 Advanced Interactive Microcomputer, and had a 5.25 floppy drive and a professional keyboard with 54 keys.

More info needed!

Best wishes:

Sunday 2nd January 2005
Leo Hermacinski (Boston USA)

This brings back memories- I attended an AIM65 introduction course in Chicago in 1979 or so at a sales rep firm- my dad was president of the sales firm so I attended for free.

One of the guys on the course was an engineer at a local games company and was planning to use the computers to control pin ball machines- don't know if they ever put that plan into production.

Wednesday 19th February 2003
Vasilis Tsirigakis (Athens-Greece)

Good evening my name is Vasilis Tsirigakis and I am a student from the Technological Educational Institute of Pireas in Greece. The subject of my Thesis is to create a Visual Simulator of the Aim-65 kit using Visual C++, well I have succeded it but my simulator still has some bugs!
I would appreciate if could someone e-mail me in order to inform me about the history of this KIT and the history of 6502 CPU. I want this information in order to attach them to the presentation of my thesis. Thank you in advance!

Tuesday 26th March 2002
Chris Harjo (Earth)

personal experience with Aim 65 computer. Back in the 1984 we used these machines to learn to write assembler programs. We stored the programs by using a opto-isolator circuit hooked to the expansion port that interfaced a teletype machine to the Aim65. We then stored the programs on paper tape using the teletype machine, also used to reenter the program into the machine to run the program again.

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