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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the CCE  MC 1000 videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 3rd August 2013
Claudio H. Picolo

Perhaps Rabbid RX-83 was a prototype project that Rabbid Computer bought from Samsung, but by contract they were unable to sale it on Asia, reason why they shown it on a fair on USA. VDI/GEM was about to make a partnership with Rabbid to produce in Hong Kong to sell it in Belgium in 1984, but CCE possibly appeared with a better offer and bought the entire project to sell it totally remodelled as MC-1000.
OK... We have no proof that it occurred this way, but is a very good theory.
The dates match, no one knows ANY RX-83 or GEM-1000/Charlemagne user or even exist a ROM dump of these machines anywhere.
Only the MC-1000 have good documentation, a software library and groups of users, even with all vaporware.

Tuesday 4th December 2012
Aldrox (Brazil)

I have one of these computers. I was gifted it in 1986. It is still operational and inside its original packaging. It is quite a bizarre computer, indeed. It is for sale... anyone interested?


Monday 5th September 2011
Emerson José Silveira da Costa (Belém - PA - Brazil)
Wiki on MC-1000

Having seen screenshots from a SPC-1000 emulator, it''s not likely that MC-1000 is based on it. The screenshots show that the video processor (MC6847) is wired in a much more complex way in SPC-1000. It uses an external ROM for lower case, some Korean, Chinese, Greek, block drawing $ miscellaneous characters. It mixes MC6847''s alphanumeric and semigraphic modes so that you can have different text colors and coloured block characters in the same screen. In MC-1000 we have only MC6847''s 64 built-in characters, and the video modes are accessed separately.

MC-1000''s BASIC is based on Applesoft Basic (from Apple II)$ SPC-1000 is based on Microsoft Basic.

SPC-1000 has function keys. MC-1000 has none.

Besides the sharing of the processor trio (Z80 + MC6847 + AY-3-8910), the machines seem pretty different to me.

Thursday 18th August 2005
Todor DeOliveira (Brazil)

This crazy machine wasn´t equipped with a ON/OFF switch or anything that would allow you to turn it on or off. This operation had to be done by pulling in or out the energy plug from the case, or the whole external PSU from the wall....

Tuesday 10th August 2004
Ricardo Bittencourt (Brazil)
Mundo Bizarro

I just released the first ever MC-1000 emulator.
Get it here:

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