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S > SPECTRAVIDEO  > SVI 738 - X'press


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Spectravideo  SVI 738 - X'press computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 10th January 2019
Jan Nadorp (Nederland)

I’am searching for a Spectravideo svi-738 Xpress, who have onze for sale?

Saturday 25th June 2016
Murray (New Zealand )

Hello I,m looking to buy a msx 738,and any software I can get ,,

Also any 728 with disk drives

Monday 4th April 2016
Niels Roskam (Australia)

My first owned computer. My dad never thought I''d pass my high-school exams, so promised to buy me a computer if I did. And I did... what a great computer it was in 1985 with floppy. Only bought one KONAMI cartridge called Kings Valley, and then got into the whole game trading business with mates, of which I could squeeze a whole bunch of 16kb and 32kb games on a single sided 3.5" floppy with 360KB capacity. Was replaced by an Amiga 500 in 1988.

Sunday 12th October 2014
Jan Nadorp (Nederland)

Hee Robin ik zie nu pas je reactie, maar ik ben nog steeds interesse. wat Heb je nog, is hij compleet met alle kabels en werk de drive nog etc.
Groeten Jan

Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Robin van Kaathoven (Netherlands)

Hey Jan,

I just found one in the attic. Drop me a line if you''re interested.


Monday 4th November 2013
Jan Nadorp (Nederland)

I am looking for a Spectravideo SVI-738. I had one many years a go, and now Iwant to collect one.

Friday 21st June 2013
Stefano Jodice (Italy)

im back on the topic after just a few years... :D the floppy disk only has one head, one side.

Saturday 6th April 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster Londonderry)
sam coupe$zsjTpFR0oYQ

please help we have zx spectrum 48k and one 128k program running at 6mhz using external ram and snapper discs from velesoft site

Tuesday 19th May 2009
Jarek Adamski (Poland)

The SVI 738 was sold in Poland by Skadnica Harcerska and the price was 590 000 ZLP, about two times the average monthly income at the time. Many schools have had such machines. However, not much sofware were available and from my experience this is the only MSX known in Poland.
Machines sold in Poland had diacritical signs on keyboard (keys ACELNOSZ were replaced) and the character codes were equal to semigraphic codes generated with CODE/GRAPH keys.

Thursday 13rd October 2005
Stefano Jodice (ITALY)

If someone wants to read/write under LINUX the MSX-DOS floppies formatted by this machine, it's enough to use the device /dev/fd0u360:

# mount /dev/fd0u360 /mnt/floppy -t vfat

it's also nice to create an entry into /etc/fstab.

this works for me , though floppy disks formatted under linux
(command: fdformat /dev/fd0u360 ; mformat A , /note: i had to temporarily rename /dev/fd0 and replace it with a symbolic link to /dev/fd0u360 since I can't force mformat to open it-mformat always looks for /dev/fd0) cannot be read with the svi738 (and I still dont know why).

floppy disk geometry: 2 heads, 80 tracks, 9 sectors per track, 512 bytes per sector.
who needs images of the boot disks (cp/m 1.1, 2.2 && MSX DOS v.1) can drop me a couple of lines.
everyone who can correct me is sincerely welcome.

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