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A > APPLE  > LISA / LISA 2 - Mac XL


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  LISA / LISA 2 - Mac XL computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 13rd November 2015
Anton Kashirin  (Miami, FL USA)

Hello, I am doing a project on the apple Lisa and the GUI I thought it would be great that I could interview someone with good knowledge on the topic and you seem to be a great person with a lot of knowledge of Apple could I interview you in a brief email interview?

Sincerely Anton Kashirin


Friday 18th October 2013
Gus Carrau (Argentina)

In 1984 I bought a LISA 2/5 with a 5Mb profile disc and a dot matrix printer. The system was revolutionary for this year and some Microsoft SW were released. I used the first versions of Excel and Words that were very useful. It is still working although it is a museum device for electronic design.

Tuesday 13rd April 2010
DABLIK (Czech republic)

HEllo. i want a old computer. please sends mail to

Monday 15th December 2008
David Werling (USA)

While it was billed as an expensive, overpriced executive tool, for which I got in some hot water with the East Providence, RI city council, I actually purchased the system in 1983 with a grant to do what our dumb terminals on the city''s UNIX mini could not do$graphics.

I was the senior city planner responsible for producing the stats, graphs, maps and plans for the city. With the LISA, I and the in-house graphics artist produced our final documents probably saving the city the cost of the "expensive" Lisa. It was, however, a little hard panning around the small screen and the dot-matrix proofs where not much to look at because desktop publishing with the Laserwriter had not been invented yet.

Wednesday 23rd January 2008
Peter F. (Suffolk, UK)

The software company I worked for had one of the very first Apple Lisas. It had two profile hard drives wobbling on the top and run an Apple Pascal compiler.
The on/off switch was software controlled and took ages to close all the open files as it powered down.
Also the computer had its own unique serial number that you could use to 'lock' and written application to run on (ie software piracy)
I also remember the fabled twiggy drives and disks but these were quickly updated to these new fangled 3.5" disks.

Tuesday 26th June 2007
Werner-T Niemann (Cologne (Germany))

I saw this computer in 1984 and for, I thougt this is a piece of the future. Compared to other computers of this time, it was a revolution. I was a beginning of a new era.

Wednesday 3rd August 2005
Renzin (USA)

A great machine. I heared one in perfect condition might go for $10,000 USD (the origanal price) if it was in perfect conditon. I recently saw one on eBay for $999 USD!!!! It was in reasonable condition with 1 floppy and a SCSI hard disk.

Tuesday 24th May 2005
Jhon Deere (tennesee)


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