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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sony  PlayStation videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message! For other purposes like sales messages, hardware & software questions or information requests, please use our main forum.

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Saturday 23rd October 2010
EPROM 9 (England)
EPROM 9 Home

The PS1 graphics was less powerful than the N64, but the PS1 could display better/more colours than the N64. The use of CD instead of cartridges allowed longer games. It also meant that speech and video could be used for cut seen''s due to more storage space. The N64 is linked to the TV and the ps1 is in the cupboard under the TV due to lack of space. The ps1 does still find use when I fell like playing it.

Friday 6th April 2007
bluekatt (netherlands)

acyually the psx monicker is correct
in developement the plsyatastion was known as playstation experimental abbreviated to psx
the name has stuck ever since to refer to it in shorthand
the confusion was not helped by the matter of sony's brlliant ( read vauge ) idea to entitle the upgraded ps2 with dvd ripping abiltiies and a hd the psx
it might be the official name of the machine
the real psx is stil the old grey playstation it has always been and will be

the psx has had one of the most longest and distinguished lives of any console
it has been inproduction for a full decade from 1994 till 2004
putting it in the same leuge as the nes ( a staggering 21 years ) the atari vcs the gameboy and the snes ( 9 years)
its off spring stil lives on in the form of the playstation 2 and 3
and the ps1 stil lives on in its off spring as a dedicated chip in each of them to enable ps1 playback
the playstation 2 has proven it self durable has wel celebrating its seventh birthday on 4 march this year

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