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C > COMX > COMX 35


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the COMX COMX 35 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message! For other purposes like sales messages, hardware & software questions or information requests, please use our main forum.

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Friday 30th December 2011
Joey Rivers (Australia)

COMX-35 was my first computer when i was in the airforce in 1983. If memory serves me correctly I paid $299 including a tape of "100 Free Games". These turned out to be a home made cassette of very basic "BASIC" games. I think I bought one commercial game COMX INvaders. I remember trying to justify my purchase at the time by boasting about the built in Joystick and the powerful interrupt driven command in the BASIC. Regrettably it was not well supported at the time and I sold it a couple months later for $200 which I put towards my C64. But thats another story!

Monday 21st May 2007
COMX CLUB Netherlands (The Netherlands, Nijmegen)
COMX Club Netherlands

The Club is going very well, a emulator is in the process of building and the website is finally done. Feel free to post your info, comment of suggestions to me. Address and numbers can be found on the contactpage.

Friday 23rd February 2007
Qedqubit ((Netherlands))

it appeared in 1979, it was the 1st computer i saw, my teacher typed 10 print "the teach is crazy" ande explained that adding a semi colon caused the words to be printed along the line instead of on the nexxt line if you added 20 goto 10. i was hooked, 2 years l8r i convinced my father to buy a timex sinclkair 1000, the 1st day appeared in 1981 in holland

Thursday 8th February 2007
Juha (Finland)

I made a finding a year ago from a basement of a old store. I found 20 boxed COMX-35's, 15 casette recorders and 10 "Fantasticks" ... if you are interested in you can contact me :-)

Tuesday 16th January 2007
Hudson (USA)

I bought my first PC in 1983 - a COMX 35. Comparing to the Apple IIe at that time, it came with some interesting features: 1. You don't need a dedicate monitor - your TV is your COLOR monitor! No, you don't need a color display card. 2. If you have a walkman and a blank cassette tape, you get your I/O and storage device! (if you don't mind to wait for 10 min. to load a simple, stupid game). 3. Built-in joystick (my newest Dell don't even have one included!)

Saturday 2nd September 2006
Dennis Heijmans (The Netherlands)

I'm start a club for people who are still owning and/or using the COMX-35. Everybody with ideas or interest kan email of fax. See the homepage for more info.

Tuesday 28th March 2006
Marcel van Tongeren (Sweden)

A beta version of a COMX emulator is available, have a look at At this moment the site only has a unix/linux version however I have managed to compile it on windows. Let me know if you want a copy of the exe. Note a comx rom image is needed to run the emulator. Thanks a lot Mike!

Sunday 5th June 2005
Dennis Heijmans (Nijmegen, Nederland)

My father bought the COMX-35 in 1983 en we both enjoined it very much over the time. Later he bought also a PC-1 model and en FDD controller with two 360k drives.
These last items are my problem right now.
I am using the COMX again, but the master disk for the COMX DOS system is missing, so i can't use any floppy disk anymore !
The master disk is needed to format a disk so you can put software and data on it.
When anyone can help me, i would really appreciate it and am willing to trade it for copies of software on cassette and/or disk. I have a lot of tapes with original programs, games and even listing on paper ! Also almost all of the comx-club editions are in my possession. HELP ME ! PLEASE !

Wednesday 21st July 2004
Anonymous (Finland)

If an emulator is to be written, a dump of the COMX-35 operating system ROM is essential and must be acquired by way of an EPROM reader. Without it nothing can be done as to emulating the machine. A framework for easy emulator development called MESS ( would preferably be used as it contains a ready CDP1802 cpu core and other facilities that greatly ease the development process.

Monday 8th March 2004
Barend Scholtus (Holland)

The COMX35 is the first home computer my father bought and it is the first computer on which I learned to program. I remember spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to get a bulleton the screen with CPOS. I was too young (7 or 8?) to read the English manual.

We had a game with a horse race. Nice. We also had a game with a submarine that needs to shoot oil carriers and others boats and even helicopters from the air. I remember that once I played a single game for so long that I got unlimited lives. That must have been a bug though.

Anyway, I haven't seen any COMX35 emulators around and that's a big pity. I also don't have a COMX35 myself. I would be interested in writing an emulator myself, since I'm a software engineer anyway. I'm also interested in having a COMX35 again. But no idea where to start.

Saturday 17th January 2004
Peter  (Australia)

Hi guys and gals, I have a wonderful Comx 35 computer. I used to do all sorts of stuff like, program games, music and graphics. Not hi-res graphics but character graphics using the SHAPE command. Just loved the Comx35 when redefining characters the screen would flicker and give you a head rush. Music was great too, 2 sound channels using the MUSIC command ( square wave ) and the NOISE command for drums. It sound very sad but it worked.

Playing the game from Comex like SHOOT N RUN and WORM were my favoriots. We did have more but can't find them now. I still have the comx 35 with manual etc but I beleive it has a memory fault.

Anyway just my contribution to a fantastic 35k cpu 1802 1Mhz computer. The 8 colours weren't bad either.

Thursday 12th June 2003
Peter Schijven (Netherlands)

My brother (who is 12 yeard older than i am) had one. Later he bought the COMX-PC1 and he sold the COMX-35 to a neightbour (Zoetie).

Sunday 12th January 2003
Yariv (ISRAEL)

I have a COMX-35 in the box with the original manual and software takes (2 of them). i collect old stuff and got this thing couple of months ago but i didn't bother to play with it yet. It has even a translation of the manual to Hebrew. By looking in the manual it seems like it has a very limited basic.

Saturday 5th October 2002
Martin Persson (Sweden)
My page about my AST Ascentia 800N

There is a Swedish webpage about old computers who have a page about the COMX-35.
The info is in Swedish but there is a copy of a test from a computer magasine thats in English.

Wednesday 7th August 2002
Roelf Brouwer (Holland)

I have a comx-35 with an interface and printer. Everything in original. Mmm, what can I say about the comx-35. My fahter had a photo shop. And he was joingning a group what now still excist in the photo-branche. The name is called 'Combi-Foto'.
These goup has bring the COMX-35 exclusevly on the market. With basic-learning books and the software was atended to be free. Well, you should share listings of basic-programms. So, the comx35 was marketing here as a computer for and by the users. You know, when you put on the comx-35 you get a sound? Or if you reset. It's a nice ding-dong-dong. I have not so much programmed with the comx-35 I was more the ZX-Spectrum fan and later the Amiga 500. Well, for a few years ago I buyed a TRS-80 Model-1. The computer what infected me with my hobby. I was only 11! Now I am 33 and have still a lot of fun with them.

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