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Copy of the M100 ACE brochure


Designed for a broad range of needs
Meet SORD's all-new M100 ACE III and IV, our high- performing yet low priced personal computers. Both mod els can serve as intelligent terminals and are standard-equip ped to carry out data storage, calculations, control appliecations, etc., making them almost as versatile as our top-of- the-line M200 series computers. Keyboards have been de signed for maximum ease of operation and come with upper and lower case English alphabet, as well as a ten-key - ideal for business use.

The age of the personal computer is here
The age of the personal computer has arrived - and the M100 ACE III/IV computers are leading the way. They in corporate a high-speed Z80 CPU and 48KB large-capacity memory. They can also accommodate up to three 143K byte mini.floppy external memory disk drives (an addition al power supply is required with more than two drives). High-resolution graphics (optional on the M100 ACE III) can be used with console display or with a conventional color TV set (NTSC type only) - 8-color display. And the M100 ACE III/IV's floppy disk base operating system per mits three programming languages: BASIC LEVEL IV, FORTRAN.IV, and Relocatable Assembler.
The M100 ACE III and IV have been designed to enable extremely easy operation, making them ideal not only for the specialist but for tile non-specialist as well - at work and at home. Just keep it by your side, and it will instantly provide you with the data you want - when you want it. A full assortment of application packages is also available.

Solve your problems in business, science, engineer ing - even process control
The M100 ACE III and IV are general-purpose comput ers. They can help you not only with problems concerning business, but also with scientific and technical calculations and process control. Using BASIC LEVEL IV, business problems, scientific calculations, and control applications can all be handled with ease, while FORTRAN-IV permits speedy mathematical computations. In addition, a Relocat able Assembler linked with BASIC call subroutines is availa ble to give you complete process control capability. And when you've finished using your SORD personal computers around the office, you can take them home for use.

Mini-floppy diskettes for data and program storage
Mini.floppy diskettes are ideal for your data and pro gram storage needs. Only 5 1/4 inches in diameter, each dis kette can hold more than 143,000 characters. And by using the console display screen or a printer, business forms, ledg ers, vouchers, and all kinds of lists can be entered, updated, and outputted whenever necessary. (Note: Because the ope rating system uses a floppy disk base; disk handling is extremely easy.)

8-color high-resolution graphic display
The M100 ACE IV offers high-resolution color and black-and-white graphic capability (optional with the M100 ACE III) for easier, visual comprehension. Tile standard console display allows a black-and-white graphic matrix of 320 x 256 picture elements; connection to a home color TV set (NTSC type only) permits an 8-color color matrix of 160 x 256 picture elements. And, of course, character out. put on the graphic display is also possible. The collected data is speedily processed and the calculation reselts and data can be obtained visually in graph form. (Note: Graphic commands are standardly performed in BASIC LEVEL IV and FORTRAN IV. Color graphics are presented in units of four horizontal picture elements per color.)

Reliability, operability, ease of maintenance
In addition to their major performance attainments, the M100 ACE III and IV have also made great strides in im proving their reliability, such as through the use of a large power supply and small fan. Meanwhile, operability has been enhanced with the concentration at the back of all RS-232C serial terminals and printer terminals. Outstanding ease of maintenance has also been achieved via easily re placeable CPU board and other boards. Self-diagnostic pro grams are also available for simple testing.

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