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Welcome to, the most popular website for old computers.
Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have.

There are actually 1244 systems in the museum.


Olivetti introduced a mainframe about 1960 which was called ELEA, then in 1965 the Programma 101 - which was probably the world's first real desktop computer. Then a little later they introduced the Audiotronic range of "office computers". The first was the A770, which was replaced by the A7. The A5 was the desktop version. The Olivetti Audit 5 or A5 was largely an electro mechanical computer. It printed via a golf ball typewritter mechanism at the astonishing speed of 16 character per second...
The TA 1600 system was introduced in 1983 at the CeBIT (which was only a part of the "Hannover-Messe" by that time). TA showed a few sample applications and the 1600 family in general. Triumph Adler's hardware included also the 1600/20-3 which was supplied with a permanent-swap-HDD-unit. This unit had a memory/storage capacity of 2 x 8 MB (Winchester technology). Triumph Adler said the system (the 1600) will fit the demand of medium-sized businesses, due to the facts that these companies w...
MIDWICH Microcontroller
Called the Midwich Microcontroller, this British computer was developped to provide a small desktop micro capable of running other equipment throug a variety of interface cards. In 1979 an Italian IC manufacturer designed and began to sell a single board micro system that could be expanded to a full system with a VDU, discs, etc. Called the Nanocomputer, it was manufactured by SGS Ates and one of the distributors in the UK was Midwich. The Nano was somewhat expensive and suffered from a numbe...
RADIONIC Model R1001
This is an extremly rare TRS-80 Model 1 clone, based on an other clone: The Komtek 1 (from Germany). It's equiped with a Level II basic and powered by a Zilog Z80 cpu. _________ Contributors : Incog...
BASF 7100
The BASF 7000 systems are professional computers from Germany. They seem to be based on the Microterm II Intelligent Terminal by Digi-Log Systems, Inc. There were several models in the 7000 serie....
PCC 2000 is a professional computer released in 1978. It was designed in 1978 by Pertec, the company which merged with MITS by the end of 1976. The PCC is conceived as a monobloc machine, where the display and two 8" floppy disk drives are built-in the main case. The mechanical keyboard offers separated numeric and editing keypads. The system is powered by an Intel 8085 microprocessor and offers 64 KB RAM. The whole thing was apparently delivered with an extended Basic language, which has...
TAP 34 is a self design of Terta company from Hungary. Primarily it was designed as a terminal for big computer systems but it was also able to process data alone. The main integrated circuits were assembled in the USSR and in Hungary by Tungsram, but several parts were imported from other countries. The built-in monitor was a DME-28 monochrome CRT made by Orion. This company was famous for its televisions in Hungary and the other KGST countries. The floppy drive attached to the compute...
Based on the MCM 70 / 700 (see this entry for more info), the MCM 800 followed in 1976. It was faster, included 16 KB RAM (instead of 8 KB for the 700), and included the ability to drive an external monitor. Among other things, MCM 800s were used in one of the first french industrial network called Gixinet (along with ARCnet). This was a token-bus type network developped by the Gixi company....
The Imlac PDS-1 is a graphical minicomputer made by Imlac Corporation (founded in 1968) of Needham, Massachusetts. The PDS-1 debuted in 1970 and is considered to be the predecessor of all later graphical minicomputers and modern computer workstations. The PDS-1 had a built-in display list processor and 4096 16-bit words of core RAM. The PDS-1 used a vector display processor for displaying vector graphics as opposed to the raster graphics of modern computer displays. The PDS-1 was often used with...
COMMODORE  C64 Golden Jubilee
Between 1984 (in the U.S.) and 1986 (in Germany), Commodore International celebrated the 1,000,000 machines sold mark in these respective countries by issuing special "Gold" editions of the Commodore C64. These machines were regular C64 models, except they were Golden-colored and fixed on a commemorative plate. The following information comes from Death Adder : Until December 1986, 1,000,000 Commodore 64s were sold in Germany. On this occasion, Commodore Buromaschinen GmbH (...

ATT PC 6300
The PC 6300 was in fact an Olivetti M24 sold under the ATT brand. Launched a few months after the presentation of six new UNIX super-micro and mini ATT computers (march 1984), the PC 6300 was the first ATT system to be IBM PC compatible. It represented the low-end system of the ATT products. But the PC-6300 (and the Olivetti M24) was an excellent PC compatible system, twice faster than the IBM PC XT computer thanks to a real...
This nice little laptop is one of the first real IBM PC compatible laptops featuring large LCD display (80x25 here) and true compatibility. This machine has two 720KB Floppy drives (and no hard drive). It boots from one floppy drive (DOS) while the 2nd floppy is used for data and programs you may wish to run. It has a NEC V20 8-bit processor which is switchable between 7.16 MHz and 4.77 MHz. It also has a CGA backlit LCD screen (monochrome), optional built in modem (1200 baud), math coproc...
CANON  Object.Station
After NeXT abandoned the hardware business,Canon (who had a large investment in NeXT) bought the licence and started producing the successor to the NeXTstation. The Object Station was an Intel-based PC specifically adapted to run the NEXTSTEP O/S. There were two versions available, the 31 and the 41, with IDE & SCSI being the main difference. There are also specs for a Pentium-based 51 but it remains unclear whether it actually came to market. The computer could also run Windows and othe...
Basically, the PB-300 was a PB-100 with more RAM and a built-in thermal printer. To our knowledge, Casio was the only company who designed real pocket size computers with integrated printers. Of course, the PB-300 was substantially larger than its elder brother, therefore the keyboard could be laid out more generously, with a real space bar and an additional key for paper feed. Due to the different physical dimensions, the main PCB had a different layout...
Photograph of the desktop console of the world's first microcomputer system. It utilized the Intel 8008 single-chip microprocessor. The computer system was developed and manufactured by Q1 Corporation. They delivered the first microcomputer system to the Litcom Division of Litton Industries in Melville, Long Island on December 11, 1972 (and a second system in February, 1973). In April 1974 Intel introduced the second-generation, single-chip 8-bit microprocessor, the 8080. Until then, Q1 syst...
ELWRO 800 Junior
The Elwro 800 series was designed in 1985 by people from the Automatics Institute of Technical University in Poznan, following the request of Polish Ministry of Education. The final product had to be: • Cheap, • ZX Spectrum compatible, • Appropriate for school use. The computer went into production in 1986 in Elwro Electronic Factory of Wroclaw, Poland. It was fully Spectrum compatible. Designers also added network capability to access t...
This MSX 2 computer was marketed as a wordprocessor system, and indeed it is! It has a big 24 dots thermal printer built-in, wordprocessor software (Word Processor, MSX Sentence Paragraph Exchanger, Dictionary, MSX Address Book, Name Card and MSX JE 1 & 2). Impressive. It was available in black or white case....
GRID GridCase
The GridCase was about the same size and featured the same robust magnesium case as Compass model, but Grid forwent the Compass's expensive and power-hungry electroluminescent display and bubble memory. The GridCase series was composed of 4 models. The GridCase I featured a bottom-of-the-range LCD display, the GridCase II had an enhanced LCD "that more than one person can read" Grid said, the GridCase III offered a high-contrast gas...
PSION MC 200 / 400 / 600
In 1989 Psion expanded their range, previously based around variants of an 8-bit handheld computer called the Organiser, into full size laptops. The Organiser had proven to be very versatile within business, becoming the standard tool of British Telecom, Marks & Spencer and many other businesses, with barcode readers, interfaces for printers and measurement devices, and robust construction with solid-state storage. This reliance, and expertise, with solid-state storage led Psion to ...
The following information comes from Death Adder : One of the rarest Commodore machines ever. Only very few units have been built with case, a few (more) without. As opposed to the widely held opinion, this computer is NOT called 'C64 laptop'. Commodore developed this 3 pounds laptop in 1984 and presented it to the public at the Consumer Eletronics Show in January 1985 (Winter CES). In contradiction to what you might think when y...

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Tom Brown
I went to a "computer" show in Atlanta in the early 80s and was looking to buy something to help with word processing and accounting in a small tour business. An IBM Selectric typewriter was the hot ticket then. I was about to buy a Vector Graphics C/PM system when I saw the Fortune 32:26 and thought it was awesome. I didn''t even know the difference between hardware and software! We bought a 32:16 (later adding two more terminals) and used it for many years. We also got a relational database package called Rubix, and it was great! I learned Unix and Shell script programming and eventually built quite an extensive reservations and accounting system. This was about the time the Apple IIc came out and I thought that was useless junk. What did I know?

Tom Brown
Greg, are you offering to sell your system? If so, how much? I''d love to pound the keys on a 32:26 again.

Dr. Elias Garrett
SIRIUS COMPUTER  Victor 9000 / Sirius 1


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Looks like a VCR with a keyboard attached to it.

SIRIUS COMPUTER  Victor 9000 / Sirius 1
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Looks more like a children''s toy computer than anything resembling an actual computing device. In fact, I can remember something like this that was available in stores in the 1980''s. Except the one I''m thinking of had a handle on it and ran on batteries.

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