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Tandy Radio Shack
TRS 80 PC-1

The "TRS-80 Pocket Computer" was the first pocket computer Tandy/Radio Shack distributed. Nowadays, it is often referred to as the TRS-80 PC-1, so as to differentiate it from its successor, the TRS-80 PC-2 (and following), which is a clone of the Sharp PC-1500.

The TRS-80 Pocket Computer was custom manufactured by Sharp Corporation, and is technically identical with the Sharp PC-1211 (see there for more technical information). There were some minor differences: The colour style was a bit different, with gray and black prevailing instead of brown, and of course with a Radio Shack type label; moreover, the computer came with a soft (instead of hard) protective case, and an additional Quick Reference Card.

The peripherals were - of course - the same as for the Sharp models: The cassette interface unit (Catalog Number 26-3503), and the printer and cassette interface (26-3505 ), which incorporated a single needle mechanical dot printer.

Special thanks to Roman von Wartburg and his site for information and picture.



I have a PC-2 with the printer /cassette interface. The pens in the printer use a water based ink and I seriously doubt that you would be able to find replacements. Your best bet might be to refill the ink pens. I haven''t tried it on mine yet, but inkjet printer ink might work fine. If it''s too saturated, you might want to thin it with distilled water.

Monday 2nd April 2012
Dave Parker (USA)

@Emily - I am actually going to attempt a repair for the cloudy issue on my PC1 in the next couple of weeks... If you want me to let you know how it goes, send me a PM thru the forums (Username: Questor).

Wish me luck!

Sunday 27th November 2011
Questor (USA)

I have my fathers Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer. I am getting new batteries for it so I can check that it works. The screen is a little cloudy- any advice on how to fix this?

Sunday 18th July 2010
Emily (New Zealand)


MANUFACTURER  Tandy Radio Shack
TYPE  Pocket
YEAR  1980
KEYBOARD  57 keys, QWERTY calculator type with numeric key-pad
CPU  Sharp CMOS SC43177 and SC43178 (4 bits)
SPEED  256 kHz
RAM  1920 Bytes; 1424 steps / 178 memories available
ROM  11,2 kB (?)
TEXT MODES  1 line x 24 chars. (LCD screen)
COLORS  Monochrome
SOUND  CPU controlled piezo buzzer, 1 tone with fixed frequency and duration
SIZE / WEIGHT  175 (W) x 70 (D) x 15 (H) mm / 170 g
I/O PORTS  9 pin expansion port for printer and cassette interface
POWER SUPPLY  4 x 1,35 V button cell MR44 or similar
PERIPHERALS  26-3503 cassette interface
26-3505 printer / cassette interface (mechanical dot printer)
CTR-80A cassette recorder (generic)
PRICE  $230



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