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T > TRIUMPH ADLER  > Alphatronic PC models P1/P2   

Alphatronic PC models P1/P2

This first Alphatronic computer by the german company Triumph-Adler is targeted for the business and education. The main software applications were for management, billing, wordprocessing (TRENDTEXT), calculation, etc...

The Alphatronic uses the MOS (Micro Operating System) operating system.

There were in fact two models available: P1 and P2. The Alphatronic PC/P1 had one floppy drive, and the PC/P2 had two. The picture beside seems to be a PC/P2.

There was SKS/BASIC on Disc, startable by MOS directly. It was a pure Microsoft BASIC, comparable to GW-BASIC without Graphics.

There was a modified version of CP/M 2.2 for this machine, and for this you could get BASIC 80 and the Siemens Macro ASSEMBLER.

The native double disk-drives (160 KB each) could be replaced by higher capacity ones (785 KB each). A hard-disk (5 MB) was also available, as well as a memory expansion (64 KB).


Contributors: Volker Birk




Alphatronic P2 Maschine,
dazu ev. hilft der Link.

mal auf der Seite etwas umsehen.

MOS Beschreibung, Treiberbeschreibungen (Floppy,Display)
und ein Boot-Kochzept ev. anwendbar.
Eine funktionierende P2 Alphatronic und schreibbare Disketten sollte
man haben.

Mit YMODEM 80 Programm von mir - erstlich entwickelt und
ein Boot- Kochrezept dort zu finden.

Viel Erfolg und Grüße
Helmut Wiertalla

Friday 14th August 2015
Helmut Wiertalla (Deutschland)
Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC models P1/P2


I have an Alphatronic P2 and i need technical information and software for it. Do you have this machine yet? If you have it, could you help me, please?
Obtaining information about these machines is very (impossible) in my country.
Thank you very much.

Tuesday 14th April 2015

I have a twin floppy Triumph Adler in working condition that I purchased in 1980 as the IBM''s started to make them obsolete, I was still using it to a small extent in 1995 for weather satellite orbit prediction.
My first computer training was on the Siemens R10/30 series which I believe was more or less a clone of the IBM360 with washing machine size 250MB drives.
When I could get time on the Siemens machine I could write basic programs which I later transferred to the CP/M machine

Monday 6th January 2014
peter marchese (UK)


NAME  Alphatronic PC models P1/P2
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  Germany
YEAR  1980
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Basic 80, Fortran and Pascal delivered on disk
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke keyboard with numeric keypad
CPU  8085A
SPEED  Unknown
RAM  48 kb, upgradable to 64 kb
VRAM  Unknown
ROM  Unknown
TEXT MODES  80 x 24
COLORS  Unknown
SOUND  Unknown
SIZE / WEIGHT  Unknown
I/O PORTS  V24/RS232c, IEEE48 port
BUILT IN MEDIA  2 x 5''1/4 disk-drives (160 kb each)
OS  MOS (Micro Operating System)
PERIPHERALS  Memory expansion (64k), 2 alternative disk-drives (785kb each), Hard-disk (5Mb)
PRICE  5008 (France, 1981)

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