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M > MECIPT > Mecipt     


The beginning of IT in Romania.

Professor V. Baltac said in the Conference "Computers and Computer Networks in Romania between 1953-2001", from The Romanian Academy, at 22 nov. 2001 that the years 1950 had marqued a Romanian priority in Romanian computing techniques.
Three computing techniques schools were then created:
- Bucharest - IFA (Institutul de Fizica Atomica - The Athomical Physics Institute),
- Timisoara - MECIPT (Masina Electronica de Calculat a Institutului Politehnic Timisoara - Electronical Computing Machine of the Polytechnical Institute of Timisoara),
- Cluj - DACICC (Dispozitiv Automat de Calcul al Institutului de Calcul din Cluj - Automated Computing Dispositive of the Computing Institute of Cluj).

MECIPT was a typical first generation computer.
It contained:
- Over 2000 electronic tubes,
- Tens of thousands passive components,
- Words of 30 bits,
- As external memory - drum equivalent of 3 kb,
- Data was input into computer by punched paper tape,
- As a printer was an electrical typing machine.
Its speed was about 50 operations/second and it was programmed in machine code.

MECIPT was one of the first romanian computers... It worked for the first time... I guess around 1961-1962.

Thanks to Stefan Deli for all this information.

We need more info about this computer ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.




NAME  Mecipt
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  Romania
YEAR  1961
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Machine language
KEYBOARD  binary switches
CPU  Unknown
SPEED  50 instructions per second
RAM  Unknown
SIZE / WEIGHT  A few tons
BUILT IN MEDIA  Tape puncher



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