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A > ACETRONIC > MPU-1000/2000     


The Acetronic MPU-1000 is another Interton VC-4000 "software compatible" system (saying "clone" would be misleading). That is to say that the internal specs are exactly the same and that games would run on both systems. The cartridge slots are however different in shape and cartridges won't fit in each others. This group of consoles is often refered as "Interton VC-4000 compatible system" as the VC-4000 maybe the most popular of all the other systems (see its entry for more info).

But according to the excellent research work from Dale Hansen, the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System from Radofin would be the first member of the line as it was released in 1976! Radofin then licenced its system wordlwide to different companies.

There are two controllers composed of a 12 keys keypad, two red fire buttons and an analog joystick. Interton VC-4000 compatible systems usualy have these 12 keys and one or two fire buttons. The control panel has the same buttons found on all systems of this system family: Start, Load Programme, Game Select and on/off switch.

There is also an Acetronic MPU-2000, which is almost the same system, only with slightly different case design and built-in power supply. The MPU-1000 Home Video Entertainment Center could also be found under different brands such as Radofin 1292, AudioSonic PP-1292, Radofin Programmierbares Video System or Hanimex HMG-1392. Or rather, the same hardware & case were licenced (by Radofin?) to these different brands.

One particularity about this videogame "family" (VC-4000 & clones), is that they seem to be the only systems which required the game to be loaded into internal RAM from the cartridge, before being able to play (generally through a LOAD PROGRAM or equivalent button found on the control panel).

The Acetronic MPU-1000 sold well in United-Kingdom and can be considered as the "english Interton VC-4000"...

We need more info about this console ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.



I still have one, boxed (and working) from when I was 8 or 9. My parents purchased it from "Laskeys" in Oxford I think.

Thursday 18th November 2010
simon tolchard (uk)

I had an Acetronic MPU1000 in 1983 - when I was 9.

One of the best games was Othello - there were 99different levels and it was our family's target to beat the computer on level 99!

Some other memorable games were Olympics, Grand Prix, Blackjack, Shooting Gallery, Circus, Electronic Pinball, Super Knockout, Invaders, Space War and Laser Attack.

Shooting gallery was great fun.

Tuesday 21st August 2007
Tony White (UK)

I think someone was working on it (Interton VC 4000 in fact), but it is not ready yet. Wait and see...

Friday 17th February 2006
Olivier (France)


NAME  MPU-1000/2000
ORIGIN  United Kingdom
YEAR  1979
CONTROLLERS  Two controllers with 12 buttons, 2 fire buttons and an analog joystick
CPU  Signetics 2650A
CO-PROCESSOR  Signetics 2636 (Video controller)
RAM  43 bytes
SOUND  Single channel beeper
I/O PORTS  Cartridge slot, RF TV video output, Power input
MEDIA  Cartridges
NUMBER OF GAMES  At least 33 cartridges were released (?)
POWER SUPPLY  External power supply unit
PRICE  Unknown



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