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A > ATARI  > 520 / 1040 STf / STfm   

520 / 1040 STf / STfm

The Atari 520 and 1040 STf were the direct successors of the Atari 260 ST and Atari 520 ST. In fact, they had the same technical characteristics except from built-in floppy drive (hence the f of STf).

The 3.5" floppy disk drive has been integrated with the power supply into the computer. The early first versions of the Atari 520 STf had a RAM based Operating System (they have a 32 KB ROM), this ROM will be quiclky replaced by a 192 KB ROM which holds all the operating system (called TOS 1.0).

An enhanced version of the Atari 520 STf was launched a few months later : the Atari 1040 STf to replace the Atari 520+ : It also had the same characteristics as the 520 STf except its memory (1 MB instead of the 512 KB) and the floppy disk drive : it used 3.5" double side disks (720 KB).
Not long after the launch of the 1040 STf, the 520 STf would be "unofficially" equipped with 720 KB floppy disk drives.
There was also a STfM model with a built-in floppy (the f) and an RF Modulator (the M).



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Friday 17th March 2017
Brosen (Switzerland)


20 yers ago, I made an modification inside my 1040 stf : now, it could work as a PC (win 95) or MAC (Sys 7.5 french)... Just for fun !
After 20 years, I''d like to wake up my sleeping beauty nd show it working to my kids...
Who''s got SCSI or IDE adaptator on asci or cartridge connector ?
I''m looking for schematic or buying the adaptator.

Monday 10th February 2014
M-C (France)

Hi - yes if anyone has a 1040 ST I would definitely like to buy it! I have some old 1040 ST disks that I would like to get information from, let me know you can email me, thanks.

Wednesday 26th December 2012
Doug T.


NAME  520 / 1040 STf / STfm
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  1986
KEYBOARD  Full stroke keyboard with numeric keypad, editing keypad and 10 function keys
CPU  Motorola MC 68000
SPEED  8 mHz
RAM  512 KB (up to 4 MB)
ROM  32 KB with TOS on disk / 192 KB with TOS on ROM
TEXT MODES  40 or 80 chars. x 25 lines (bitmapped graphics)
GRAPHIC MODES  16 colors among 512 (320 x 200) / 4 colors among 512 (640 x 200) / monochrome (640 x 400) this last mode needs a special monitor.
COLORS  max. 512
SOUND  3 voices + 1 noise channel, 8 octaves (Yamaha YM-2149)
I/O PORTS  Cartridge, Midi (in, out), Centronics, RS232c, Hard Disk, Floppy disk, RGB, Joystick, mouse
BUILT IN MEDIA  3.5'' disk-drive
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply unit

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