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Triumph was originally Triumph-Adler - the merger company of the 2 typewriter manufacturers Triumph and Adler, to which Triumph (which also produced mechanical calculators and sewing-machines) was the bigger one. Later they got US-typewriter Royal merged into it and had the best years between 1975 and 1988, when they even build competiting machines to IBM System /34 and /36 ... but they did neither understand nor learn the business and ran out of the financial power.

The technical part of TA is today a subsidary of Olivetti which tells it all about the downfall of TA. The operational part is a Holding in Nuremberg, which deals with offices, buildings and health-care.

The Alphatronic was mainly sold in Germany and was intended as a 'hybrid' Business / Home machine. For Business it was sold as either a 'dumb' Terminal or as a stand-alone Word Processor 'package' (consisting of base unit, WP Cartridge and (Centronics) printer.

For home the base unit had a 'built in' Basic ROM - it was also available with either a single or dual Floppy Disks (which included CP/M and Disk basic).

It never sold very well in either market - it was much too expensive for home use.

Thanks to its Z80 CPU, the Alphatronic PC can run CP/M and quite a few software packages available for it. There were two external disk-drives available: F1 and F2. F1 had the controller built-in. You had to have F1 to use F2, the second one.

Sometimes, the Alphatronic PC was sold as a complete wordprocessing package with a daisy-wheel printer (Triumph-Adler TR-170) and a word-processing cartridge inserted into the ROM-pack slot (top left part of the case).

Towards the end of it's life, the British Company, MATMOS sold off the final 'batch' or single & dual floppy packages together with a RGB-PAL convertor box.


Contributors: Steeve Buniak

TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  Germany
YEAR  1983
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Microsoft Basic 5.11
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke keyboard, 6 function keys, arrow keys and separated numeric keypad, 85 keys
CPU  Zilog Z80
RAM  64 KB
ROM  32 KB
TEXT MODES  40 or 80 chars. x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES  80 x 72 / 160 x 72 dots
SOUND  1 voice, built-in speaker
SIZE / WEIGHT  40.5 (W) x 25.5 (D) x 7.3 (H) cm / 3,5 kg
I/O PORTS  RGB video out, Tape interface, Serial RS232c/V24 port (from 300 to 9600 baud), Centronics/Parallel port, Disk-drive connector, Cartridge/Rompack slot
BUILT IN MEDIA  optional one or two 5.25'' disk-drives (320 kb each)
OS  CP/M 2.1 (then 2.2) with diskdrives
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply unit
PERIPHERALS  5''1/4 disk-drives, printers (DRH 80/1 and TRD-170)
PRICE  1500 DM (Germany, 83) - 760 (France, 83)
£347 (U.K., 1984)
UC + monochrom monitor + 2 disk-drives = 2142 (France, 84)
105 (France, June 86)

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