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T > TANDY RADIO SHACK  > Portable Wordprocessor WP-2 / WP-3   

Tandy Radio Shack
Portable Wordprocessor WP-2 / WP-3

Still sought after by writers and students, the Tandy WP-2 and Tandy WP-3 are perfect writing companions. Used to take notes, prepare reports and write letters, these WP systems are technically real computers based on a Zilog Z80 processor. The WP-2 is essentially a Tandy-branded version of a Citizen portable wordprocessor called the CBM-10WP.

Extract from Tandy catalog:
"There are battery operated, weight only 3.1 pounds and are 1" thin. The full size keyboard lets you cut, paste, search, replace, center and justify your text with just a few keystrokes. And there's no need to lug around a heavy dictionnary. The jet black case houses a 100,000-word spelling checker and a 200,000-word thesaurus. For hard copies of your work, the WP-2 easily connectes to Tandy or IBM-compatible printers. You even add an optional modem to transfer files to your personal computer by phone."

The following applications are built-in ROM and available in standard: TEXT, TELCOM, PHONE (address), CALENDAR (schedule), SPELLCHECK and FILES.

The WP-2/3 while being dedicated word processors also have a terminal mode and x-modem file transfer capabilities. You can write programs on another computer, assemble them and xfer them to the WP-2/3 with x-modem and they can then be run.

The WP-3 seems to be the exact same model except that it has 64 KB as standard (whereas the WP-2 has 32 KB). The only other significant difference between the WP-2 and WP-3 is that the WP-3 has British English dictionary and the keyboard can generate the UK pound symbol.


Contributors: David Wilson

NAME  Portable Wordprocessor WP-2 / WP-3
MANUFACTURER  Tandy Radio Shack
TYPE  Portable
YEAR  1989
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  word processor, simple terminal emulator program and telephone directory/calendar software
KEYBOARD  full stroke keyboard, 62 keys
CPU  NEC 70008A-6 (Zilog Z-80 compatible)
SPEED  5.5296 MHz
RAM  WP-2 : 32 KB (up to 160 KB)
WP-3 : 64 KB (up to 160 KB)
ROM  256 KB (BIOS, word processor & spell check)
GRAPHIC MODES  480x64 (but not usable as no programmable language is available)
COLORS  monochrome built-in LCD display
SOUND  piezo buzzer
SIZE / WEIGHT  25.4 (H) x 297 (W) x 210 (D) mm / 1.1 Kg
I/O PORTS  Parallel/Centronics Printer (DB25), Serial RS-232C (DE9), Tape Recorder Interface (DIN8), Half Card RAM Slot
BUILT IN MEDIA  RAM disk (with extra RAM chip), Memory Card (Battery backed PCMCIA sized card)
POWER SUPPLY  4 x AA batteries or AC adapter (6v, 400 mA)
PERIPHERALS  32/128 KB RAM internal chips, 32/64/128/256KB option ROM card, 32/64/128KB option RAM card, Portable Disk Drive 2, Modems
PRICE  WP-2 : US$349.95 (1991, USA), A$499 (1992, Australia)
WP-3 : $449 (1993, Australia)

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